Need some help choosing speakers.......

I hope some of you experienced audiophiles can help me with a choice of speakers. I intend to move my electronics from ourt summer mountain house, which we winterize, downto a Florida condo for the winter. My B & W 804's are too large for the condo, so I would like a pair of monitors perhaps, which do not have to be placed far from the back wall. Even better would be a pair that would work in a very heavy, 2" MDF bookcase system. Electronics are: Audible Illusions L-1 pre-amp, Pass Aleph 3 power amp, Magnum Etude fm, Sony SACD player. Speaker sensitivity should be about 89 db or higher. Thanks for your input.
I recently purchased (though I am always looking for better)bookeshelf speakers with the same space limitations that you have at your winter home. I ended up with Castle Acoustics Isis speakers, that have since been replaced in the line with a newer model. The Isis started out on bookshelves but have since been moved to stands that are slowly inching ther way out into the room. They were designed for close to the wall placement and sound pretty good when placed this way. Moving them out a foot ot two increases the depth of the soundstage. I also home demoed Linn Tukans (recently discontinued) and they as well worked close to the wall and on the bookshelves. Most of Linn's small speakers have been designed this way, though I do not know how they do it with a small rear port, but they do. The Castle's are very accurate with no mid bass hump and are very good for classical music as well as small scale jazz etc.. The Tukans sounded very colorful and musical and I also liked them but prefer the the more accurate midrange and bass (whats there) of the Isis. I just listened to Solilquy's small speakers and will be going back for a second audition in a couple of weeks. I like these a lot but did not inquire about placement at the time. Linn is also coming out with a replacement for the Tukan. Efficiancy is a little lower than your specs, 87db for the Isis at 8 ohms although they present a very stable load (I run a class a/b amp and it runs reasonably cool. The Tukans are 87 or 88db at 4 ohms and the Soliloquy 88db at 8 or 10ohms. Again I do not know if the Soliloquys would work on bookshelves. Good luck.
Hi Take a look at Vienna Acoustics Haydn speakers. Close to the wall is a compromising postion for nearly any speaker; but these have such wonerful sound characteristics and abilities they should give good performance anyway. Startlingly clear and realistic presentation with excellent imaging. Play much bigger than they look.
I think that the newer "mini-monitor" style speaker from Castle is called the Richmond. While i heard it placed on stands and out into the room a bit, i too was amazed at how good it sounded. For a small speaker, it had a very full sound to it. These were appr. $500 for the pair if i remember correctly. I don't think that ANY speaker will work best placed in some type of rack or shelving unit if your concerned about imaging and soundstage, but that's a personal matter.
I would also audition Linn Tukan! They were made for "close-to-the-wall" placement, and i think their "speed" and "detail" would compliment your Pass aleph. Also, they are smallest of the all minimonitors!
I would give a pair of B&W 805N a try. They have a 90 db efficiency rating and not that fussy to set up. Although, I am not sure about placing them on a bookshelf.
Take a look at the Reference 3A line - if you can find a dealer/importer nearby.
I agree with Dave, Reference 3a would be a great place to start, I have a pair with your same preamp and the 20 watt Cary 572's and it simply magical..Good luck...
If the speaker will be close to the wall, try to avoid rear ported speakers. Try the Aerial 5.
Tukan, is designed to be placed next to the wall.