Need Some Help

I have a few questions and need some guidance.  I have a Nakamichi set up with the 7A II power amp and CA7 II pre-amp.  I have four JBL 4311 studio monitors.  Is it proper if I wire-nut the speaker channels together and pig tail a single to the proper channel on the amp, or will this hurt the amp or the speakers?  Or, should I run them through a selector box instead capable of handling higher amp watts?  Someone told me that the four speakers change the oms from 8 to 2 and another said that four speakers through a Nak amp blew a tweeter on him.     
Do NOT tie the amp’s output channels together! That will smoke the amp.

The 4311’s are an 8ohm speaker, so running two pair in parallel, will produce a 4ohm load. That amp should have no problem handling that load.

Here is a good diagram. Be aware that this diagram shows only (1) channel being used:

Also, I would just run two pairs of speaker cables to the amp. (One cable from each speaker to the amp).

You could always use a speaker selector box like and an Adcom.  That would give you more flexibility over which pair of speakers you want to use at a time.