Need some help

My system is as follows:
Edge SI-1m preamp, CI D200 monoblocks, EAD Ultradisc 2000, Audioquest Bedrock speaker cables, Van Den Hul IC, dedicated 20 amp line for equipment, Talon Raven c loudspeakers. Room is approx 14x22 with speakers along the 14' wall about 5' to the face and about 30" from side walls. Sounds good but not great. How can I improve the sound? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I think you need to give more info: Exactly what do you not like about it? Bright? Dark ? Boomy ? Too much bass? Need more info to help!
Thorman On the bright side, bass is good, overall just not natural sounding.
What have you done to kill the 1st reflections bouncing off the wall on the sides of the speakers? Have you played with toe in, starting with the axis straight ahead and also for comparison with the axis crossed well in front of you. If you don't detect a difference in the highs and focus as you do this at least you've eliminated one possibility.

Have you placed you listening chair strategically (acoustically) so your 1)not in a null or a node or 2)not sitting in the path of a reflection off a wall, window, etc. Have you done anything about the wall behind you?
talon end edge maybe a combination giving you too much upper mid/lower treble energy.
Maybe try a maple cutting board under 1 peice of equipment or even Cardas blocks to maybe get a little more body and soften some of the edges. Possibly even Vibrapods under digital, which will take away a little edge too... This is at least a cheap thing to try. Just a thought...Good luck