Need some feedback on the REL 212SE Subwoofer

Dealer just contacted me with an amazing price on a REL 212SE sub. I have never owned a REL sub but they seem to be highly touted. I currently have two subs in my room. One is a Martin Logan Balance force 212, and a Power sound Audio 1500V (15 inch active driver) in the rear of the room. I am considering replacing the Power Sound Audio sub mainly because its a ported design and with it being so close to the listening position the port noise can be distinct. My main room has a hybrid system that I use for both music and an occasional movie and my goal is to get a more musical sub to compliment the balance force 212. Im not actually shopping for a new sub at the moment per se but the price I can get the REL for is almost irresistible. So I would like to hear form anyone who owns this particular sub and share your experience your having with it. Im going to audition the sub this weekend but it would still be nice to see what others think about it. 

Thanks in advance 

REL makes great subs and I have owned a couple in the past. Before my first REL I could never find a sub that I liked. Most were ok with movies but lousy with music. The neutrink connection that REL uses mates it perfectly with your amp and speakers. 
Having said all that ,you would be better off with two of the same subs. If you like the REL sell the Martin Logan or buy another Logan and get the perfect base kit if you don’t have it already. Currently, I have 2 ML Balanced Force 212’s and they are providing the best bass I have ever had for music as well as movies.
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Thanks for the input. Yea I went to audition the RELsub yesterday and I have to say I was extremely impressed with it. I agree that the ML BF212 is an amazing sub and I would love to own a pair of them. IMO that would be the perfect solution for bass. I LOVE my ML BF212. I think more people should take a listen that sub they might be quite surprised (Ok thats my plug for you ML). I also agree that for best results in a dual sub configuration using two of the same sub would be ideal. However I was interested in the REL because of the crazy low price I am able to get it at ($1500, regularly $4K).  I was able to get them to play the BF212 with the REL 212SE together and they blended rather nicely playing together, and the low end was insane. My main concern now is using Neutrik cable, which is the recommendation by REL that connects to the power amp. I am using mono blocks so it will only connect to either the left or right channel. However I don’t think bass is output in stereo (I am probably wrong on that fact), and if that is the case then it may not be that big a deal. Otherwise I may have to connect it L/R to the pre-amp or both. After listening to it and being able to listen to both subs playing together I decided to pull the trigger. It was a no brainer once hearing them together. The ML sub is very musical and has the big bass for HT, and the REL is so smooth man it blew me away. I was very impressed. I do have the perfect bass kit, and unfortunately I cant push that conf down to the REL, but I will use an SPL meter to dial it in to get the phase right, and balance it. I plan to move it to the front of the room instead of the rear since it has the output to keep up with the ML. The PSA sub had to be put in the rear of the room because it literally had zero impact up front with the ML. With the PSA sub in the rear I spent hours/days/weeks/months trying to get it in phase with the rest of the system, and also making it disappear is difficult with it being a ported design with it being so close to the listening positions in my room. Needless to say It has been extremely frustrating. Glad that nightmare is over. Thanks for your input. I will report back once I get it all integrated and dialed in.