Need some expert advice

Hello all !!
I currently own the foll set up:
Marantz CD 7300
Marantz PM 7200 amp
Dyn 122s

Somehow I am not happy and I am positive it is because of the amp. I think the speakers are far too honest for the bright marantz IMHO.

Anyways I wanted to knock on the doors of you experts to check out the best match for the dyns - what in your opinion is a nice AMP for the 122s. I loved the NAD c372 with the 122s but unfortunately that amp is oop. My budget is around 700-800$. Please let me know your suggestions.

Hi Ananth,

On a cursory inspection, your speakers seem to be a little challenging to drive (86 db sensitivity, low of 3.8 ohms in the impedance curve, very wide impedance curve).

IMHO, Naim NAIT (3, 3R, 5, 5i - depending on the size of your room and your preferred listening volume) and Musical Fidelity (A3, A300, A3.2, A3.5) integrateds are worth investigating.

The Naim and Pink Fish Media forums have boatloads of information on all models mentioned. Some info here, too.

If you can provide some additional info (e.g., room size, preferred music, preferred listening volume, features desired, etc.), I'm sure you'll get a few more suggestions.

Good luck!
The C372 comes up for sale here and on ebay quite often.Keep an eye out and you can grab one at a good price.Good luck.
Dynaudio's love power. I have heard nothing but good about the Odyessy Audio Khartago, $895 new,at 120 wpc, voted best affordable amp of the year in Absolute Sound, for what it's worth. Speaker cables can make a big difference with Dynaudio as well, see if you can spring for some used Synergistic Research middle-of-the-line cables from the last (not the current, due to cost) designs, and I think you'll be much happier.


p.s., if I'm not mistaken, the Khartgo is made in the USA.
I know a guy who's continually upgrading his Dyn's to better Dyn's and always uses NAD. That makes me happy as I've always loved the NAD house sound. I have a NAD 317 80 watt integrated amp and I compared it to a 200 watt Rotel and the NAD spanked it really hard. Quite honestly I was flabbergasted. The worst part about it was that I also owned the Rotel (not anymore).