Need Some Expert advice

I have collected some high end audio equipment for several months and have not had a chance to hook everything up as I had to design and make a custom cabinet. The cabinet is completed and the audio equipment is unboxed.

I am now trying to figure out the best way to connect everything. I am trying to get the best of both worlds buy using a outlaw 990 for home theater and a modwright 9.0 for tube audio for two channel music. I also have a seperate tube amp that can power 4,8,0 ohms and a California audio labs CD player with an alpha box and a DIP switch. I will be powering the Outlaw 990 with a 500x5 channel California Audio Labs Soild State Amp CL-2500. And the Outlaw will connect to a Classe CD/DVD-1 player.

I want to connect the CL-2500 to the Outlaw for rear and center channels. I will also be connecting the sub directly to the Outlaw990. I also want to hook the Classe CD/DVD to the outlaw. I want to run the Modwright 9.0 through the Outlaw 990 so when listening to 2 channel audio it will use the Modwright 9.0. I also want to connect the California Audio Labs CD player, alpha, and the DIP to the Modwright 9.0 Finally I want to run the front channels either through two mono 200watt solid state amps or a tube amplifier depending on the 2 channel sound I want to achieve.

I also am running B&W 800 series speakers all around. I also want the Sub which is a Paridigm PS-1000 to work when listening to two channel music. I was told there is a setting on the 990 to accomlish this. By setting the front speakers to Large?

I am trying to figure the best configuration for this set up and the proper cables to use. Can anyone help me on this?

All I'll say for starters is; try to keep the power cables away from the audio/video cables.
I am clueless on this one!!!