Need Some DAC + Headphone Advice

Hi Folks:

I have a friend who would like to move into two channel audio via a headphone system. For the moment we are thinking about a DAC/Headphone amp using his laptop music files as a source. He is now sampling headphones but will probably end up with a pair of Sennheiser HD650s. Once his daughter vacates for college he is planning to take over her room over the garage and build a two channel system. Therefore, another approach would be to go for a integrated, preamp or CD player that has a good headphone amp built in so that he can use either once he goes to the larger system. He is a musician so sound quality is key thus the headphone amp + DAC is probably the best route. Price range is around $500 for the DAC/Headphone amp or $1k for either a integrate, preamp or cd player with a headphone amp built in. Suggestions are appreciated.
peachtree audio nova (dac/integrated w/ a decent headphone amp)
If I were advising a friend, I'd suggest they look for a pair of Audeze LCD-2's on the used market rather then the Senns. They would be a better choice than 650's, and not a small difference IMHO. DAC/amp to go with them for around $500? Perhaps a used Burson, or Grace 902. Without the DAC a Schitt Lyr. The only integrated I can think of in the $1K range that seems to pay attention to the headphone out is the Portal Audio Panache (pretty good headphone section). I can think of more expensive preamps and integrateds, but none others around 1K unless you go to a vintage integrated.
Another alternative to the all in one unit from Peachtree is the Bel Canto integrated with built in DAC. Don't remember the model number but I had heard it was pretty highly rated.
Check out the Centrance DACmini. It doesn't start out as a pre amp but can be modded. The volume is for the headphone output but can be modded to be used as a preamp for $99.
Check out the reviews.
Per Marco's response, I have heard the Lyrr headphone amp with a music streamer 2+ sound wonderful together, and not too pricey.
The Burson HA-160D is a fine piece of gear. Dac/Amp/Pre for around 1k.