Need some cartridge advise please.

Hello all, 

  I have a Basis 1400 with the Rega RB 900 tonearm.  I am currently using a Benz Micro Glider cartridge that is at least 15-16 years old.  My phono pre is a Rockford Fozgate Signature.  I am sure it is time to replace/retip the cartridge.  I have no local dealers to ask or demo.  
  If anyone could offer suggestions for a cartridge that would work well with my setup would be appreciated.  I listen to mostly classic rock. I could probably spend up to $1500.  Thank you in advance for any input.
Dynavector XX2- job done
Unfortunately all dealers have very limited choice of cartridges these days. Their margine is huge on LOMC and very little of MM, guess what they are pushing? 
Hi jrun, I spent a lot of time in Bossier City at Louisiana Downs.
Slow horses hindered my passion for higher priced audio components
I found a gem in the Ortofon Cadenza Black. A little above your budget brand new but a gem never the less.

Thanks everyone, I have some reading and shopping to do.