Need Some Advice regarding interconnects

Hey all...I need some advice regarding upgrading my interconnects at two places (1) from my solid state preamp to my tube mono blocks and (2) my turntable to preamp rca-rca. I currently use some cheapo Tara Labs but I need to upgrade...

I use Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling X2 from transport to dac and dac to preamp and Purist Audio Rev.A Digital from transport to DAC but I need to know what is a good match for my amps - preamp and turntable. My price range is around $400.00 - $600.00 on the Agon used market for each
Gabriel Revelation MKIIr might be worth a try as well. I've seen them here used.
Why do you feel you have to spend a lot of money on a cable just because your system costs 20 grand even though the 80 dollar Tara is fine?Again,just curious.This stuff is very interesting to me.
Again, nothing against the Tara Labs but if I can upgrade to a better cable that will open up my system and maybe add more detail and warmth then that is what Im looking for. I dont look at the price and figure "well it's a million dollar cable so it must be the best" but I do realize that a well made and great sounding cable will cost more than the usual, but in reality it's not the costs that makes me buy a cable it's what others have said about it and that is why I posted this thread
try Morrow audio!

try it from the ma1...if you have money, try ma 6..

it's great stuff! you have 60 days audition days

I think Harmonic Tech makes great cables. I use their Magic line throughout my system. Loads of detail, tons of well defined bass. Organic and musical.