Need some advice on buying a c-d player

I have an Adcom GCD-700 C-D player which is giving me trouble. Tray doesn't open, and other functions don't respond when their buttons are pushed even though their associated light comes on. It served me well for 13 years. Is it worth getting fixed? This was a great sounding unit. Any recomendation's on a new player. I would like to keep the cost around what I paid for the Adcom, which was $600. I guess I'm looking for the best bang for the buck. I have a Hafler 9300 transnova amp, and Legacy Foucus speakers. I listen to all differant genre of music. Mostly Rock, Classical, Jazz, anything with good vocals. Also, do you think it wise to buy a C-D player 2nd hand?

Thanks all
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I suggest start reading through the archives for a unit in your price range. There are many good players to be had. You can also scroll through all the offerings in the ads & start googling ones that meet your criteria.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy used but do your homework.
I totally agree with Driver
I wouldn't hesitate to buy used but do your homework.
Let me take that one step further - look for forums for any manufacturer you may consider and read their posts regarding reliability and sound quality.
For the symptoms you mentioned I personally would not get it fixed. If it were just the tray not opening I would say try cleaning the rails but because the function buttons also dont work I would GUESS you have a power supply or logic problem or both but that is just my OPINION.
Thanks for the input, I'll start doing my homework
As above posts mentioned their will be many.Rega seems to be very popular and they are a good company to boot.Good luck,Bob
I too listen to about everything except hip hop and rap.

If I were looking to get in and out cheap I too would look at the Rega lineup.

For a bit more a sony xa 777 would be the best bet I think. I own one currently, and for disclousure purposes mine is up for sale. That notwithstanding, until you move up significantly in price both lines offer very good value and you do get what you pay for with either.

The xa777 offers a more dynamic sound with better bass, multiple ch SACD, parrallel DACs for a better sound over the older 2ch 777, and is over built so if you're looking for another 13 yr. CDP, the Sony might just be it.

The newer Cambridge 840c is supposedly a good choice too but it's sound is more refined with less snap and drive. Harley of TAS has a review of it available now online. In fact all of these have reviews online.

Good luck.
Thanks Bob and Jim. How do you like the SACD? I have an old Yamaha DSP-1 that recreates 16 various listening venue's from a cathedral to a jazz club. And all the parameters like the front and rear decay of the reflected sounds can be adjusted in millisecond increments. I have front and rear satalite speakers (no center) that have their own amplifier. If I buy a SACD player, do I have everything I need to utilize the SACD format. All my components are pre-SACD. gary
Digital has come a long way since your Adcom. I'd say it's not worth repairing. Some specific suggestions for you:

Rotel RCD-1072 (see Absolute Sound review)
Rega Apollo (pushes your budget -- used around 700)
Cambridge Audio 640CV2

I have owned all of them. You might be able to get a new Rotel within your budget if the dealer is feeling friendly (and new is nice with CD players, due to moving parts). The Apollo is a little quirky in operation (takes about 12-15 seconds to "initialize" a CD), but most people get used to it. The Cambridge has the most forward, rock-n-roll sound.

FWIW, of those three, I still own the Rotel. The Apollo was a bit more musical, but the Rotel is, for me, more user-friendly.
Thanks Jhold, I will check out the models you suggested