Need some advice concerning Marantz SA-14

I recently purchased a used Marantz SA-14. It sounds great
and am happy with CD/SACD performance but am confused about the Standard/Custom modes of operation. I'm running it through a Mark Levinson No. 28 preamp and 23.5 dual monaural
amp into Revel M-20s. Will this amp/speaker combo handle the
custom output from the Marantz or am I better in the Standard mode. Any advice???
All Marantz SACD models have Standard and Custom (SA12 and SA17 surely more) available for switching.

Standard mode means the analog frequency output after DA section will be limited to 44.8jz range. Whereas custom model means the analog fre for up to 100kz after DA section will be release to your amplifying section.

Though it said in the manual that Custom mode may damage equipment which does not support SACD performance.........but I dont think this is applicable to bulk of current or recent issued product. And I only switch once......Custom mode.

I suspect that those review who mentioned Marantz SACD players sound "dark" were based on the standard mode. Pity!!!
Your Levinson/Revel lineup should handle the custom setting. Send them a quick email to be sure.

I don't know about the Sony's, but i do know that the Philips SACD 1000 has the same type of switch. I've been running mine on the "wide bandwidth" mode for several months now and never run into any problems. The equipment that this player is hooked up to measures linearly out to 80 KHz and the speakers nose-dive after 23 KHz. The amp is rated at 1200 wpc, so if there was any type of ultra-sonic ringing taking place, my tweeters would be on fire : )

Having said that, i think that one really only has to worry if they have some type of plasma tweeter with exceptionally wide bandwidth. Since very few speakers or people are running these, except for "nuts" like Detlof : ), it really shouldn't be a concern for any decent equipment. Sean