Need Some Advice About Indoor Antennas

I am currently using a Godar FM-1 antenna with my McIntosh
MR-73 Tuner (which was recently aligned by my local Mac
dealer). And while my tuner does pull in most of the larger
commercial stations very clearly, there are a number of
lower powered stations that it tends to pick up with low
level hiss or a less than clear signal.
Would like to know if any better antennas are out there
for use with my MR-73. I listen to a lot of FM and would
really like to get some of the lower power stations with
less noise. One last thing - I live in a ranch-style town-
house, and our condo association rules do not allow for an
outdoor antenna. So I am looking to find a better INDOOR
antenna. Thank you for any suggestions you might have.

I am having the exact same problem. The only good local classical/jazz station that I can get is a little fuzzy but reads 10/10 on my Magnum tuner. I am currently using the Magnum Dynalab ST-2 antenna indoors. In your situation I would splurdge for the Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth. This will add many db of gain the signal. Save you money and keep the antenna you have and spend it on the Signal Sleuth. I will be doing the same thing next term if my new house has the same reception problems.
terk makees an outdoor antenna shaped like a white 2x4 that hides against trim. DAMN CONDO COPS!
i'm hoping sean will pipe in here. this is something about which he is very knowledgeable. we had a recent thread on this topic and it's my remembrance is that sean suggested trying the dipole that should have come with your tuner; it's often better than most alternatives. - cfb
I used the Fanfare or Magnum Dynalab whip antenna inside for several years before having it mounted on the roof of my townhouse. The whip indoors was better than the Godar (which I also have) or the Audio something boxes for indoor use. Also, I don't know if this only applies to me in Virginia, but I was informed that condo associations cannot impose rules on outdoor appliances used to receive a utility service like digital satellite TV and, presumably, FM radio. Thus I had a digital satellite installed without mentioning it to my anal condo association and no one has said a word. I planned to use my FCC defense if challenged, if I were you I'd try mounting an outdoor antenna, esp. if it's just the Fanfare or Magnum whip. No one at my association has even noticed I had my whip mounted on the roof, it's so thin and unobtrusive (it's just a single wand about 4' long, not an antenna array).
Good luck! Condo owners are crazy and should lighten up., they sell an indoor dipole antenna that really works well. $29.95
My experience when doing some recent FM antenna testing is that the wire dipole that comes with most FM tuners beats the pants off of most other reasonably priced antennas when mounted indoors. This includes the Magnum whip and about a half dozen other antennas. It may not be as easy to hide, pretty to look at or as easy to re-orient for different stations as a vertical whip or "artistic" looking gadget, but it did pull in more stations with better quieting and increased signal strength. It was also less sensitive to the surrounding environment i.e. it was not as easily detuned by walking around or placing it near metalic objects.

The suggestion of using the Magnum Dynalabs Signal Sleuth is quite valid. I have a few friends that use them and all are very pleased with the results. These can be used to amplify the desired signal, reject out of band interference, reduce noise, etc... In the RF field, this is known as a "pre-selector" and can make a very noticeable difference, especially if you're experiencing marginal reception. It will not give you what a giant outdoor Yagi mounted on a tower with a rotor would do, but some folks aren't that lucky to be able to do that ( or even want to ). As such, those with more restrictive antenna installations or those way out in the boondocks, you might want to consider trying one of these. Those that are station hoppers might find it somewhat tedious trying to fully dial in all of the controls station by station though.

I also did a post on how to make a vertical center fed dipole using two pieces of wire and some coax. You might want to do a search using FM antennas as the subject. Might work okay for you and cost next to nothing. Follow the directions as closely as possible though for best results. Sean
Buy an American flag with a hollow fiberglass flagpole. Slip the "whip" antenna inside and mount it outside. Nobody will dare tell you to take down an American flag. Shows your patriotism at the same time. Don
Elgordo, that is a very fine idea! The Magnum Dynalab ST-2 would fit very nicely into the tube.
Thank you to everyone who made a post here. There were some
really great suggestions made and they are most appreciated.
After giving this matter a little thought, I have decided
to be a "bad guy" and install the Magnum Dynalab whip
antenna in a horizontal position under the eves of my
roof. Unless someone actually looked for it (and climbed
over the bushes in front of my living room to get there!) -
it should be pretty much invisible.
I will also be considering the Signal Sleuth, as I do
not change stations frequently and do not consider "dailing
in" a station any sort of "chore".
Av- the Magnum Dynalab whip is uni-directional when placed horizontally, omni-directional when placed vertically.
Swampwalker is trying to alert you to the fact that you will have to orient the MD whip for the best reception on your favorite station. If you listen to several different stations coming in from different directions, your plan with the horizontal MD will not work that well. Sean
Many thanks to Swampwalker and Sean for your advice. Looks
like I will have to consider moving to plan "B" - which is
to get the Signal Sleauth and integrate it into my current
This might also be my best "solution" for now as I am
considering a possible sale of my current home within the
next year or so.