Need software for Slim Devices Transporter

I recently inherited a Slim Devices Transporter from my father who passed away on 12/1/14. I can't find the CD that enables it. Looked on the LogicTech website and they no longer offer it. would anyone be willing to burn me a copy & send it to me? I'll cover all costs.

Thanks very much.

Richmond VA
I'm sorry for your loss. Regarding the Transporter, you probably just need to download Logitech Media Server. Try here:
I'm pretty sure all you need is the LMS (Logitech Media Server). The link to download it is below:


Just choose the file that you need based on what kind of computer/system you are using. (i.e. Windows, Linux, etc.)
The Squeezebox users forum is still alive and active as well at People are still developing plug-ins for LMS and have updated LMS as well. You will enjoy your dad's Transporter I am sure.
Thank you all for your very helpful information. My dad was a longtime member of the Audiogon community and introduced me to it about 15 years ago. Truly a great bunch of folks you all are.

Happy Holidays!
With Transporter, you're not limited to LMS but can also run JRiver, Mimiserver, elyric ... When I was using DLNA, found LMS had best SQ.