Need small speaker for less than $750. Ideas?

Hello All,

I sold my maggies (got divorced 1.5 years ago).
Since that time I have been using Senn 600 headphones.
I have a room mate so my system is in my bedroom.
So I need some bookshelf's or small floor standers.

Looking for a killer monitor.
Things I want:
-true to the music
-lots of texture
-hear the layers of music
-accurate but not fatuging
-neutral (maybe a dash slightly warm)
-good air
-sound stage
-fun to listen too
-human voice is important
-accurate tone
-true to the music - (I said this twice on purpose)

Things I don't need:
-deep bass
-load volume

Please remember I was a maggie owner and loved them.
If I could get anything it would be some Quad 57's.
For bookshelf's if I had the money it would be some Focus Audio 688's, or some Verity Audio's.

What are some others to consider?
I listen to all types of music.
Right now I am thinking some Spender 3/5's.


BTW: Amp is a Blue Circle CS.
Spendor 3/5 is hard to beat.
I have a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1's that I like very much. I would be willing to sell them at a reasonable price to upgrade to the Spendor LS3/5 SE. If you would be interested send me an email.
For a small room and considering your criteria, I don't think you will find anything better than the Spendor S3/5.
Try RAW Acoustics full range monitor for $640.00. I can't think of a better speaker to fit your needs.