Need small speaker for less than $750. Ideas?

Hello All,

I sold my maggies (got divorced 1.5 years ago).
Since that time I have been using Senn 600 headphones.
I have a room mate so my system is in my bedroom.
So I need some bookshelf's or small floor standers.

Looking for a killer monitor.
Things I want:
-true to the music
-lots of texture
-hear the layers of music
-accurate but not fatuging
-neutral (maybe a dash slightly warm)
-good air
-sound stage
-fun to listen too
-human voice is important
-accurate tone
-true to the music - (I said this twice on purpose)

Things I don't need:
-deep bass
-load volume

Please remember I was a maggie owner and loved them.
If I could get anything it would be some Quad 57's.
For bookshelf's if I had the money it would be some Focus Audio 688's, or some Verity Audio's.

What are some others to consider?
I listen to all types of music.
Right now I am thinking some Spender 3/5's.


BTW: Amp is a Blue Circle CS.
Spendor 3/5 is hard to beat.
I have a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1's that I like very much. I would be willing to sell them at a reasonable price to upgrade to the Spendor LS3/5 SE. If you would be interested send me an email.
For a small room and considering your criteria, I don't think you will find anything better than the Spendor S3/5.
Try RAW Acoustics full range monitor for $640.00. I can't think of a better speaker to fit your needs.
A lot is going to depend on your source component, amp, and system synergy. Given that you are a fan of electrostats, I would assume you would be looking for speed, resolution, and killer imaging. I can't but think of Triangle monitors, as these excell at those qualities. But they require quality signal, that is, they not very forgiving...
I also own the VR-1s and love them in my 20x16 room, but (no surprise here) amplification matters. I started with a modded Hafler DH-200, went to a Monarchy SM-70 Pro, and just added a second Monarchy so I could run them as monoblocks. The VR-1s revealed more every time.

That said, they're all going to be very different from your Maggies. Have you considered the MMGs as an interim solution?
I have a pair of Silverline SR 16s that Alan Yun modified ( he replaced the stock tweeters with those from his Sonata line). They are great monitors but I went to a set of Quad ESL 57s. If you are interested in the Silverline 16s I will make you a good deal but if you have the space keep looking for the Quads. Good luck!
Hello Guys.

Thanks for you opinions thus far.
You can see my components under my system.

Basicaly they are:
CEC (parasound) belt driven transport
Wadia 32 dac
Blue Circle CS amp.
with good cableing...

I believe in have good equipment up stream.
The best speakers in the world will not fix a bad source.

I don't have the space for maggies again, or I would get the MMG.
I need monitors or a small floorstander.

Coincident Triumphs. I had some with a 20W amp and it sounded great. Slightly warm, very engaging.

My vote goes for the ATC SCM 7. You can usually find them used for about $700-$750. The only caveat with these speakers, is you will need a powerful amp to drive them (84db). They are incredibly detailed. I think they are the best speakers in this price range.

Dynaudio Audience 52 or 52SE if you can find a pair used. Vocals are superb and listening fatigue is not an issue.
Sometimes, your first idea is the best :-). I have Spendor S3/5 SE's in my 10'x11' bedroom, & enjoy them greatly. I think you pretty much described S3/5 SE's in your speaker criteria; except that they also have very good bass for such tiny speakers. And I'd go for the S/E version........
SPENDOR S 3/5'S!!! I have owned a beautiful pair of Lt Cherry S 3/5's for about 8 yrs and am endlessly amazed at what they can do. As Steveaudio said above, your description of what you want is almost a dead on review of the Spendor 3/5's. I also own a pair of Quad ESL 63's and Roger LS 3/5a's (15 ohm), and the Spendor 3/5's are an amazing likness. I use them intermittently with my REL Storm III and that combo would shame an awful lot of mega buck fullrange speakers. And, you can usually find them on used on Audigon for ~$750
hi Bbro:

if you had to choose between the spendor or the rogers, which would you select and why ?
A friend of mine mentioned that the 3/5a's can sound dry and boring.
Any thoughts on this?
I will not be using a tube amp.
I am using my Blue Circle CS which is a tad warm.

Are all 3/5'a like this?
I hear the spendors are the warmest of th bunch.

They merge Seamlessly with the REL Storm III which along with adding great pure bass also makes the S 3/5's even more pure, tactile, visceral, and even holographic then they already are without the REL in the system. On of the bests sounds I have heard bar none in both small and large rooms. Hope this helps...
Definitely the Spendors would be a good way to go IMO. A couple others you may also wish to consider are the Opera Audio Consonance Eric-1s and the GMA Europas.