Need Small Monitor for Oppo 105

Oppo Digital said the Apple Mini will not work as a monitor for the Oppo 105 because it does not have an HDMI connection. I plan on using the Oppo 105 in a 2 channel audio system only (no TV). The Oppo 105 will be in my living room so I need a small but functional monitor that has HDMI plugs. What small monitors do you recommend?
Can you be more specific as to what you mean by "small"?
My shelf is 14.5 inches high. The Oppo 105 is 5 inches high. The means I need a small monitor with hdmi connections less than 8 inches high. Does this sound about right?
Oh, that is small! I don't know of any monitor with an HDMI input that would fit in the space you describe. Instead of trying to find a monitor that can fit on your shelf, what about using a handheld tablet to control your music playback wirelessly from a home network?
I just auditioned the Oppo 105 and liked it very much. It is an amazing unit and does everything I need it to do. My monitor problem is also solved since I will replace two units (Ayre CD player and Internet tuner) with the Oppo 105. I plan on using one of those spaces for a 12" monitor so I will be okay. Thanks again for all your help.
That'll work! I have no doubt you'll be very happy with the 105. I have the 95 and love it, but I'm torn on a daily basis between keeping the 95 versus selling it and getting a 105. Decisions, decisions!
I purchased the Oppo 105 Blu-Ray player and the Samsung 19" monitor. It was very easy to setup and even connected to my Ethernet wired Internet connection automatically. I performed a firmware update and it has been playing ever since. While it sounds okay out of the box, it is going to need more time to break in. Thank you very much for all your help.