Need Simple AV System

I'm not getting any younger. My hearing isn't what it used to be and neither is my vision. My wife can't even turn on my AV system to watch a DVD because it's so complex. I have to grab three remotes to watch a movie. I dread ever having to pull anything out to rewire. Is there anything available in the marketplace that is a 'one box' system with decent DVD player and amp/preamp? Don't need a tuner. Will only be using my current NHT tower speakers and powered subwoofer. I want a good quality system, no blueray, and something I can hook up and use in 15 minutes max. The Arcam Solo would be about right but no DVD player. Suggestions?


NAD Viso Two

NAD Viso Five if you want 5.1 surround.
The Viso Fives are going for $499 on Audio Adviser and Spearitsound. $1,300 off!!! Geez, I might need to buy one? The Absolute Sound even liked the Viso Two.
there is an ARCAM SOLO MOVIE 2.1 AND an ARCAM SOLO MOVIE 5.1 unibox (2 versions) and each is a cracking good kit.

Google them for details and reviews.

These have been discontinued but still availasble as demos in some shops and also come up from time to time on AGON, EBay and other forums
I think I've narrowed it down to three systems. The NAD Viso 5, the Denon S5BD 5.1, and the Arcam Solo Movie 5.1. I like the Arcam DVD player I currently have even though I think I could fry eggs on top of it after playing a DVD. I can get the NAD and Denon for around $500 new but the Arcam will cost me around $1k. I guess I have some thinking to do. Thanks for the help!

Go for the arcam solo 2.1..if you shop around you might find an x demo or clearance one..


2.1 DVD system - with HDMI - excluding speakers
OSP £1449.95SAVE £750.00
Ended up buying the Samsung HW-D7000 which seems to meet my needs. I hadn't thought about it before but like the fact it connects to the internet and I can watch Netflix movies with it which makes it even more useful for me. I wasn't specifically all that interested in Blueray but this unit does have it if I change my mind. Had a heck of a time finding one of these but should have in a couple of days. Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the wiring and setup. :-( LOL

Thanks for the help folks!