Need Short List of Tube Manufacturers

There seems to be a long list of tube manufacturers, from all over the world. I am retubing a CJ PV10AL preamp that only uses two 12au7's. Please give me a short list of manufacturers to either look for, or stay away from.
I highly recommend Jim Grimes at Daily Electronics Corp.e-mail address:[email protected], 1-800 346-6667. I bought some NOS tubes at a great price, good service ,excellent tubes.
The two best 12AU7's are the Telefunken and the (replacement) model Amperex, bearing the name 7316. The Amperex is not a direct replacement for the 12AU7, but I have used it in a number of components, and it is terrific. The Telefunken is beautiful in every way, and is difficult to find fault with in the sound department.