need setup instructions for SME 3009 mk.2

if any one has a set they can copy for me ,will be happy to cover all costs. also where can i get the silacon oil the arm uses for the damping ? thanks dale
SME is based in Steyning, West Sussex, England, UK. Call them and they should help.
I have setup and instruction book for SME 3009-R series II.......will this help you? More than happy to copy it for you.... E-mail me at
SUMIKO might be able to help you: 510.843.4500. They were the importer for this product. thanks, ph805.527.9739 fax805.527.9808 eCatalog available. New equipment demo’s by appointment. All quotes are good for 30 days. Customers in every state, & 26 countries (angol/ingles/englisch/beszelunk magyarul!/ hablamos en espanol/wir sprechen deutsch).
I use a 30009 Model II Improved on a Micro Sekei DDX 550. Will be glad to copy the manual for you and send it. Call Mark Day @ (864)244-5535 or E-Mail @ in the evenings or during the days.