Need set up help with Denon AVR 4802R

Setting up the Denon AVR 4802R in my Living Room where I'm using 5.1 set up. Manual mentions receiver's ability to use rear surround channels at remote speakers in another room ie: a/b main speakers. However the manual is vague and I can't figure it out. Anyone have experience with this receiver and what I'm trying to accomplish? There are pre outs for remote amp but I don't think I need to do that. Also I bought a Niles speaker switch to use if all else fails.
this is from "batpig", a guy who wrote an online denon-to-english manual:
A. There are two ways to hook up Zone 2 speakers to your Denon AVR:

1. If you are only running 5.1 in your main zone, you can reassign your SURROUND BACK amplifiers to power the Zone 2 speakers. To do this, go to MANUAL SETUP > OPTION SETUP > AMP ASSIGN and set the assignment to "Zone 2". With this setup, you will hook up your two surround speakers with normal speaker wire and connect them to the SURR.BACK LEFT/RIGHT speaker posts on the back of the receiver. The receiver will power the speakers, and you will also be able to control the volume for Zone 2 in the receiver.

2. The second option (and your only option if you are running 7.1 in the main zone) is to connect an external amplifier to the "ZONE 2 OUT" pre-outs on the back of your AVR. You will use standard RCA cables (red/white analog) to connect from the Zone 2 pre-outs to the inputs of your external amplifier. In this setup, the external amp will provide the power and volume control for the Zone 2 speakers.
You can assign the last 2 channels to zone 2. You will need at a minimum, a volume control in the other room. Best would be a volume control and a remote eye. This can all be done via a single run of Cat 5 wire. I like the volume with remote built into it instead of having a double gang box for both.
The cat 5 would run from the receiver to the box to the speakers. 3 wires for the remote eye (I think) and 4 wires for speakers. Then, a pair for each speaker from the volume. You can get away with a remote eye only and use a zone 2 remote control (the little one from the 385 or 685 multi zone receivers will work). However, I really like to have the wall volume too.
Your question is good and valis. I own a Denon 5803 and I dont understand how to use alot of its functions...
The Manual is long and poorly wriiten. There is a lot of detail on the simple things , but very little on the complicated things.

So, I am using it for my home theatere in its basic form.