Need Selling advice

I'm going to be selling a turntable, tonearm, and cartridge.
I was going to do it on Ebay, until I found this place, which seems to be a place where quality stuff is appreciated.
My question is: is it better to let it go as a package (it's all mounted) or separately? I don't have any original packaging.
I'm cleaning my closet out, I started losing my hearing 10 years ago, so being an audiophile didn't seem to make sense anymore.
I would sell it complete package ..Pick up only..Avoid any shipping or handling issues...The buyer can evaluate it in person,play it and pay and leave with it..Then you can close the door on the deal..Without any other hassles..
Sometimes it is better to sell separately but without knowing what it was it is hard to say.
I agree with Thorman, package and pick up only. There is no other way to safely sell a turntable. Each one I have purchased from A'gon's was done that way. E-bay is okay, but again must be a package deal, pick up with cash only.
I agree with Thorman - Try to sell it as a package with local pick up, especially since you have no feedback here. If you get offers on the individual pieces - Then decide if that works for you.
If you're uncertain, I would list them all together and encourage offers for parts. I frankly think you will get more $ if sold separately. The question you need to decide is if $ is more important than ease. If ease is most important, do as Thorman suggests - all together, local sale only. If $ is most important, you're likely to get more for it if you will ship it. It's not hard to package a turntable securely for shipment, but in my experience few know how. If you're not certain you can package it for cross country ship - then local sale is a must.
If you are shipping, the dustcover, arm and cartridge will have to be removed anyway. Each will need boxed up for protection. Many times the platter on the table will need removed as well.
Have you tried headphones?

FINAL NOTE: Ebay really sucks these days. They no longer cater to the little guy, only big businesses. GO AUDIOGON!