Need second amp recommendation.

My Graaf 200 OTL is in need of repair. Looking for a SS amp
as a holdover till Graaf is repaired & possibly as a bass
amp for future bi-amp set-up. Speakers are 4 ohm, 91 db
VMPS Super Tower R / STR (ribbon tweets, ribbon mids panels,
& 10 in. mid bass w/ 15 in woofer). Pre-amp is Emotive Audio
Sira. My short list included Belles 150a Hotrod, McCormack DNA 125, Bel Canto Evo 200, Musical Fidelity A3.2CR, Marsh 400, & PS Audio HCA 2. I've been told the Pass X150 would be perfect but can't afford right now. I.e... looking for used amp around $700 - $1500. Blue Circle BC 2 & Bryston 3b didn't do it for me. Any suggestions of other amps, or comparisons of above amps would be appreciated...don't live near any dealers. Thanks...
I'd get a Parasound Hca 3500 or 2200 or something similar. I had the Marsh a400s and although an excellent amp it could get loose in the low end at high volume. I'm speaking from experience with the same speakers. Anything smaller than 200wpc for these is not enough for me in my room but may be for you. These speakers like current and will sound best, at least to me, with abundance of it.
Hmmm, I'm not sure you'll be happy with any solid state amp since you're currently running an OTL, but you've named some pretty good ones.

That being said, I'd also add to your list the Pass Aleph 3 or 5 and BAT VK200. All three will fall under your price ceiling.

What was it about the BC2 and 3B you didn't care for? That may help in future recommendations.

Good luck!
Odyssey Stratos used - $800, or a new Stereo Extreme ~$1400.
How do I get info on the above mentioned Stereo Extreme?
I've owned two of the amps you mentioned and my experiences, compared with others owning the same, has reinforced the extreme system dependency of things. With Magneplanar 1.6's (also a 4 ohm load,) the Belles 150a Hot Rod was underwhelming to say the least. It had none of the magic others reported. I don't think the Belles is happy driving anything much lower than 8 ohms. I seem to recall a Soundstage reviewer with similar reservations. On the other hand, I have found the PS Audio HCA-2 to be sonically wonderful, everything I could ask for. But, in the two years I have owned it, it has had to go back to factory twice for warranty repairs. They've been great and made fast repairs, picking up the shipping both ways.