Need Schematics for Accuphase T107 & T109v

Accuphase won't sell schematics anymore. I've tried the usual avenues, but no luck. Does anyone know of where I could buy one - even a photocopy?
This is a real problem. I tried to get a schematic for a $2000 Accuphase AD275 phono stage: the reply was 'we don't have schematics'. When I asked how they could perform repairs without schematics the reply was "we don't repair them, we pitch & replace. Labor is too expensive to even consider repairs". All I wanted to do was change the cartridge loading term resistors & they can't even be bothered to help me.
This is very disconcerting. I now have three Accuphase components & one of my reasons for selecting the line was that they previously supported their product. This is the same thing that happened to me with good old Luxman. Japanese manufacturers abandoning their committed customers becoming the norm? Pretty expensive boat anchors?
Not good. I was just thinking about buying an old Accuphase tuner that needs some TLC. If they aren't supporting newer gear, they surely won't be supporting "fossils" like the one that i was looking at. Bad news for all involved. Sean