Need satellite radio recommnedation

I'm planning to install a satellite radio in a fitness club and I'm looking for recommendations on XM receivers.
I'm looking for a full size receiver rather than a small portable auto receiver. It will be installed into a 2-channel system connected through a mixer/preamp. And, I'm going to use the XM satellite service.

I'd like to keep the cost of the reciever under $300.
The Polk Audio XRt-12 XM which I'd planned on is out of production.

Any suggestions?

You might also consider computer as this would support Internet radio including XM streams, Pandora, Live 365, iTunes, etc. I am not sure how licensing works with a commercial use though.
Much nicer than the Polk anyway + you get AM & FM.
go on ebay. there's a bunch of xrt12 units you can buy there for 100-150 or so.
I've had the Polk for about 4-5 years. Very happy with it. Maybe epay.

Remember, if you try to stream Sirius/XM, it stops about every hour and a half, then another click and you're up.