Need replacement for garden hose Audio Advisor

There is a lot of good info on this site....and good minds as well. So I would like to hear a few experiences any of you might have had.
I run a slighty Modified Audionics CC-2 driving a set of Pro Ac Tab/2's.
I love the speakers and the sound I have but am very tired of the garden hose Audio Advisor cables that connect them. I have had to resort to cable ties to keep the things on the stands. (Silly putty gives up after a while with a horizontal pull.)
This all.....kind of being driven by my wife crying out in disgust at the looks of the system.

I am very sensitive to the top end, and lean towards all the information being passed rather than the "smooth" rolled off character some folks seem to prefer.

Without getting into the "shun-mookie and tice clock" ozone layer, what have you folks found for manageable, quality seamless cable that is not the size of garden hose??

My wife would very much like the roll of Radio Shack 18 guage. Don't understand her issue though...... Doesn't everyone have a packed 7 foot metal studio rack in thier living room?
47 Labs OTA cable. I have been using it over a year now for speaker cable and IC's. Try a searching the word(s) "Sakura" and/or OTA for more info.
Don't Listen to Dekay!!! If you do a search on "Sakura" YOU'LL BE SORRY!!! I did, and I haven't been the same since. That *Redkiwi* thread will take you about a month to read :^)

But seriously, I'm very interested in trying these cables. I have red bits and pieces of the thread. In addition I've contacted *Redkiwi* to make sure he is still sold on these cables a year after trying them.

Dekay, Brulee and Redkiwi speak so highly of them I have no choice but to take the plunge myself real soon.

It seems absolutely insane to use fishing tackle on a reference quality system. But I've always been a bit eccentric anyway.

I will post on that thread or start a new one as soon as I commit to the purchase. Take care and good luck
Glen: I still need to see if the cable "floats". Thanks for reminding me.
Has there been any attempt to build a balanced cable with this stuff? I tried to click on your pic of the digital loopy cable but the link was not valid.
Glen: I have never tried a balanced version as I do not have a need for one. Guess I deleted the digital cable pic in error when I was loading photos for my wife's Ebay stuff? The digital cable no longer exists anyway as I ended up using the cable from it for TT IC's after selling my DAC (robbing Peter to pay Paul:-).
The down side to this cable is an extra RCA cap will run you $25.00 a piece. The up side is you could probably cable a small system including the speakers with one kit. If this stuff really works and I think we can assume it does based on the reviews. That's a steal! Heck I could sell all my reference cabling and recover a couple dollialars.

Has anyone tried it on Electrostats yet?
Thanks for the advice.
You really paid 600.00 for that stuff?
Oy Vey.
Looking for some used as we speak........
Mapleshade makes a nice looking thin cable that is not very expensive. I think they have a website you can find. Some members here recommend their cables. For $3.99 x 2 (you need 2 colors to be safe), why don't you get 2 spools of the RS solid code hookup wire and lightly twist red and black together for pos and neg and try it. (You could do with one spool, but you have to cut the lengths first, mark them at each end and be very careful.) Black and white solid core Romex from the hardware store, lightly twisted again, also looks decent.
The Homegrown Silver lace is a very good value cable that offers excellent definition and balance and is easy to bend and flex. It is a multi wire weave and will not pull your equipment off the rack by its weight or thickness.
Gumby D: Good luck on finding it used (some have purchased leftover portions, of whole kits, this way). I would love to pick up additional OTA as well to replace the internal wiring in some old components (it makes great hookup wire, though is a bit hard to work with in this application).
Dekay: Have you ever heard the guys equipment that sells that cable?
His CD transport looks interesting.
(Though I would be drawn and quartered before you would see me paying 1/4 of that for a transport....)
Just curious. The photos on his site (aren't those a set of (eck!) ginS speakers?) do not impress me much. Curious if anyone out there has heard the stuff on more than a set of home-made fostex based single driver speakers.....
Hey,Gumbydammit! Watch those cracks about Fostex based single driver home built speakers. FIY, they likely reveal more than anything you've ever set ears on. If you don't like the sound of them, then maybe(probably) it's the gear that was driving them. Personally, if I were buying cables, I'd want to hear what they sounded like. Not much chance of that after running the signal through a shipload of transformers, capacitors, resistors , circuit boards, connectors, and wires, before you even get to the drivers. And then, of course we'd want to put that crossover inside the speaker so it can get as much vibration and microphonics as possible to really "enhance" the sound. Now maybe if you're a bass freak, they won't go low enough to suit you, and that's fine. But, if you're talking about revealing the nuances of the cable you are buying, then the single driver system is the one that will do that in spades! I will admit that "diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks is true, but facts are facts and the less stuff you run a signal through the less screwed up it will be. So I'll leave you to your favorite speaker to evaluate whatever you want, but realize that people out here may have the product you slam, so be ready to "duck and run!"
Nordost cables are an option if you're not into diy . It depends on your budget, but it's often available used.
What is the brand and model of your garden hose?
Hmm, I did not realize I had "cracked" on fostex....
I merely was trying to get out the idea that all of the systems listed on his website seem to be of a single driver nature.
Actually, I have "set ears on them". I was not impressed. They certainly were nice in the mids, but that is all that was there.
I have a guess at your ears......45 plus years of age with decreasing high sensitivity. My hearing runs a bit higher than average, hence....I need some highs. (I like a little bass too......)
FYI, I heard the little fostex system on a Krell KSA??80 with no preamp at all and a very nice d/a with what I think was about an 800.00 pot for the volume control..... I would call that minimal signal path.
I know the amp and had heard the d/a on another was anything but rolled off, yet the highs in those speakers were just not there.
What can I say? I like more than veggies on my plate.
(But I do love Vegans, they taste just like chicken when cooked to perfection.)

PS.... I dont have to duck and run... I am made of clay, remember ;)
Lighten up, dude.. s'all good. :)
All they say on them....
Three pairs of interconnect and a set of speaker wire (with enough left over to wire my parents' speakers) for $600? I call that a bargain, especially when you consider what they do for your sound. In all honesty, I had always been somewhat suspicious of suposed cable differences, but these things have made me (as well as every non-audiofreak friend that I have a/b'd them with) a believer.
Gumbydammit, you were amazingly accurate at guessing my age/ears. Only off by 1 year! I'm 46. Although I can still hear highs ok. I did some mods to my Fostex drivers impedance characteristics to extend the high and low ends. Worked out well. I agree the normal response is rolled off. It's a shame that more people don't mod these drivers, as really good response can be had from them, within reason, for the size/type of driver.
Gumby: No, I am in LA (and don't get out much:-). I have heard good reports on the speakers (that I think you are mentioning), but find them to be priced too high for the US market (unless the crossover and/or cabinet is super expensive for some reason).
Made by Randy? *chuckle*
TWL:Would love to see your design. TL's impress me. Want to make a set for my houseboat actually. Send me an email if you have the time.
Viggen: I know.....but they sounded good at the time and were cheap........
Besides, I can always use them as mooring lines when I buy the new cables :)
I sure wish someone was in CT/MA/RI so I could snag a set of these and hear them.......
Gumby, I have outlined the entire design on my other thread, now in the 2nd page of archives, called "How come when most audiophiles..." in the speaker thread section. The part you want is my 3-23-02 post that starts with "As the person that started this thread". I'd be happy to go over the minor details left out of the description or answer questions, if you decide to go ahead and build one. If you are going to do it, buy the Radio Shack 4" full range driver #40-1197 for $5.00 each(discontinued). It is a Fostex FE-103 OEM'd for the Rat Shack and is even marked FE-103 on the magnet housing. Way cheaper than the $40.00 each for the regular Fostex price. It's what I used and they work great. I know they look cheap, but you'll never believe what can be gotten from them in the right design. They require a high quality source and amp to sound right though as they are very revealing.