need recs for 2 way system

ok guys I am new to 2 way hifi and need recomendations for a cd player with tolink outs(nak 5 or amc 8b?) a amp (thinking of tubes)and some smaller speaks. I have auditioned a setup(thule cd.vtl amp and vienna monitors)I loved it but the $4000 is real steep for me right now.It will be in a 8*12*15 room for now. Needs to be the best comprimise for pure audiophile sound/dollar.I listen to mainly classical music but the system needs to play everthing well(xcept rap).
You have many choices, especially used "stuff". I would recommend Linn Majik (used, from 450-650)or Analog audio Puccini(see reviews on the soundstage archives, for both) If you preferance is "classical", i would go for "Majik", if you like more "involving" and "aggresive" (for rock, pop...)go for "...Puccini"(same price as Majik). Regarding speakers, Merlin TSM would work superbly with both (pricey, around 1.2K) Linn Tukan, Epos 12, Soliloquy 5.0..( from 500-800)would be great with Majik,while AA Puccini would require more "laid back" speakers like Opera Seconda, Tannoy R2..etc. Cables also depends, Kimber more involving, or Mit less...etc. Good Luck!
I've heard Audio Analogue Puccini, and it pales by comparison to the Audio Refinement Complete Integrated amp made by YBA. Retail NEW is $1k. For speakers, I just got the B&W Nautilus 805's which are awesome, but maybe too steep at $2k, around $1500 used. Try the CDM 1SE's which are cheaper, sometimes about $1k used. Soliloquy speakers are also great for the buck, as are NHT, but they like the wattage. Merlins are great, as mentioned above. I cannot stress how good the Audio Refinement Complete is, is sounds GREAT!!! I dont even own one. Also, if you want to get into tubes cheap, try Jolida's integrated amps. THere is a Jolida 302 on this site now, I think maybe at auction. Their stuff is great for the money. Soliloquy speakers mate really well with tubes. If I had $3k to start from scratch, I'd get a used REGA Planet CD, the Audio Refinement Complete (I bet you could find one for <$800 new through the net), get some Soliloquy 5.2's, Meadowlark Kestrels, or B&W CDM 1SE's used for about $1100 (roughly). Buy 1 good set of interconnects (kimber PBJ, or Audioquest Topaz are both good around $75 new retail) and maybe some used cable of your chioce, possibly Kimber 8TC, or Audioquest CV-4. IF you get good deals, you're out maybe $450 for the CD player (USED), $800 for the integrtated (NEW), $1100 for the speakers (USED), and less than $150 for some used cables. That's $2500 for what would be an all class "B" system according to Stereophile magazines stupid rating system. I promise you, it would be sweet. Good Luck!!
I would suggest those B&W 805's but if they are too expensive, buy a used pair of Totem Model Ones (Under a grand on here).