Need recommendations.. Solo acoustic guitar CDs

Hi Everyone. Need recommendations...well recorded solo acoustic guitar redbook CDs. Examples of what I like would be Pat Metheny, Tommy Emmanuel and Dominic Miller. Open to others too. Sound quality would be priority.

If you decide to dip you toe in the classical realm, almost any of the Naxos Laureate series will serve you well, and they're pretty cheap, too.
Nils Lofgren --- "Acoustic Live" is pretty perfect. Incredible guitar playing and exceptionally well recorded.
Friday Night in SFO - DiMeola, Paco Delucia etc.
New Chatauqua - Metheny
Aerial Boundaries - Micheal Hedges
I 2nd! Best Acoustic Live guitar album is FRIDAY NIGHT IN SAN FRANSISCO LIVE by Al Dimeola, John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia. IMHO.
Thank you so much for your efforts everyone. Really appreciate it. Keep em coming please...placing an order from amazon very soon for sure...:)