Need Recommendations On Surround Speaker Package

I just recently purchased an Adcom GTP-860III Home Theater Preamp & Adcom GFA-7605 125 watt 5.1-Channel Power Amp. I would like some recommendations on surround speaker packages for my new gear. Looking to spend between $1500 -$2000.

Looking forward to reading your feedback....
Match all your speakers as close as possible. The same brand and model will give you the best results. Most sideways center channels are not designed for proper dispersion. Some speaker manufactures only sell speakers in pairs, so that can be a problem. The 6th speaker could always be used to upgrade to 6.1 later (DolbyEX and DTS ES).
Somebody was selling a Tannoy Mx series surround system on the "Gon. It's what I have for my HT (except I use the Mx4's for front R/L and an Art of Sound Sub) speakers and I've yet to find anything even close that wouldn't cost 3-4 times what the Tannoys cost. Even a couple of years ago and including the Mx4's, I think the total was about $1500 new.
too vague...need more info!
This is EXACTLY WHY people end up with serious sonic compromise, and mediocre to poor sound at best most often!...they simply want to know "what's the best speakers at a given budget?" Well what the best speakers are is all relative to OTHER VARIABLES, yes!
There's not only a gillion options, but you're not filling in info on room size, acoustic considerations, seating/placment limitations(if any...and there almost always is), finish preferences(if any), floor standing or bookshelf (as some prefer floor for music if need be), etc.
Also, if you're into music on the system, what's your listening habbits and prefernces?
let us know

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You can get 2 pairs of those Magnepan-on walls(MMGw), the matching center channel(MMGc), and a pair of Outlaw LFM-1 subs. for 2k.

Then you can write a detailed review about them so we can hear an opinion not swayed by advertising dollars.
I second slappy's magnepan recommendation. Maggies and Adcom should be dynamic as all hell. Highly recommended for the dollar. Ditto on Exertfluffer's handle. For some reason, that comes to my mind everytime I see him, weird huh? Speaking of Exertfluffer, I must not have ever heard one of those truly dynamic music/HT demos. In this, I think all of the high-end dealer and shows I gone to have beena failure. You would think one outfit would be able to manage a demo like that! Quite a shame. As far as passive speaker setups for HT go, I like Magnepan fed by Krell amps. Explosive dynamics, IMO. But Adcom would be close enough in this case, although less forgiving than even old Krell KAV series.
Yeah, just for the record, there never has been an "explosive anything" coming out of ANY MAGANAPAN SPEAKER, EVER!!!!! I know, I've sold maggies for years now.
Maggies are dynamically challenged to say the least, and especially challenged when you hit the "GO BUTTON" on your power pedal!
Basically they're very delicate speakers that do better with lower level dynamic material. I mean you're not going to ever get any "sock in the stomach" from a rock performance from a pair of Maggies. Now you might blow the ribbons out of the suckers,(have done that before by having them tip over on the floor by accident) but that's about it. Other than that, they're beautiful, very pretty, clear, detailed speakers as a line...but delicate none the less. I know, I've sold em for years now. Infact when the word Dynamics comes to mind, I DON'T THINK MAGGIES, THAT'S FOR SURE!
Oh, and as for the "Exertfluffer" thing, it's a handle I concockted(he he) for Yahoo mail, because I was running out of ideas that wouldn't need a number mixed in with the letters at the time. And that day my friends and I were making jokes about fluffers, and there you are.
Try Totem Dream Catcher 5.1 package. I think they cost around 1500.
I understand that Von Schweikert is debuting a new set of HT on-wall speakers in the next month or so. It may be worthwhile to check them out...
Exertfluffer, Ya know im really glad you mentioned that about the maggies. Ive never seen a "crappy" review so i have a har time believing what magazines say. I was thinking of getting some of those maggies for my HT setup. If they are not that dynamic then i will definatly have to pass.

I wonder about a setup using all Von-Sw's VR-1s.

Ugh... it is SO nice to get an upgrade done and over with. it is all this research and effort put into attempting to find a match soundwise and asthetically, seems like out of 10 possibilitys 9 of them wont work.
I recently spent some time with a friend putting together a 2-channel/HT system with a $2,000 budget for speakers. We listened to a number of brands, including the Maggies (though we auditioned the step up, as the MMG's are mail order only), Paradigm, Klipsh, B&W, Meadowlark, Krix, and a few others I am missing, but the top two were an NHT setup - using two ST-4's, two SB-1's, and a SC-2 - and a Totem setup - using two Arro's with Dreamcather center and surrounds. My friend ended up getting the Totems, in part because his wife preferred the smaller, less obtrusive speakers. But either setup sounded incredibly good for the money. The NHT system was louder, could be pushed harder, and had better instrument separation. The Totem setup had better soundstage and detail, and of course there is the Wow! factor with the Arros that something that small can sound so big.

If you go Totem, I would recommend that you do the Arro/Dreamcatcher setup, as it is only a little bit more to step up to the Arro's up front, which is well worth it, IMHO.