Need recommendations on stand mount speakers

So my secondary system consists of the following:

VPI Prime TT + Nagaoka MP500 cart
Parasound JC3+
AR Classic 60 (60 watt tube amp)
Acurus LS 11 line stage preamp
Vandersteen 2ce speakers

 my room is rather small, 12 x 13 and I’d like to experiment with some stand mount 2 ways that will have a similar sound to the ole Vandersteens but more open.  

Im considering used but my brick and mortar is limited to Magnolia stores. I heard some B&W 2 ways ( not the metal tweeters, but the lower model) and they sounded nice but at $4k +/- that’s more than I’m willing to spend. 

Im thinking $2k +/-.

any thoughts?
Fritz Speakers.  Call Fritz on the phone and talk to him about the sound you are looking for but the newer Carbon 7 Mk.II should fit the bill.  I have the Carrera Be's and love them.
Older ARC and ProAc all day long... maybe the Response 2. You’ll need some nice stands to do them justice though.

A lot of the best speakers in this category are not from the major manufacturers, but rather from Fritz, Watkins, Buchardt, etc.

Looking at today's listing of monitors, if I were deciding today I'd choose between the Proac, Silverline, Harbeth and Graham models offered there in your price range.

Also recommended Harbeth, try C7es3 .
We have similar room and most my system work with Harbeth .
I’m try several speakers (in virtual) but harbeth stay till now .