Need recommendations on phono amp upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my phono amp, spending around $3k-6k. I currently have a Jolida Envoy preamp (JD9 type phono section), with Underwood full mods. It matched/bettered my Whest PS.30RDT Special Edition and a regular PS.30RDT. Interesting there are not reviews of JD9 fully mod compared to more expensive phono's (probably people with different funding capabilities (JD9 $1-2k vs $4-6k)).

My current thoughts:
Canary CA-430 ~$2500 (hard to find reviews of)
Aesthetix IO Signature Dual PSU ~$5-6k (lots of tubes)
Coincident Statement new $6k
Viva Fono ~$6k from Europe (60 dB gain may not be enough in my system)

My current system is:
Quintessence Summit speakers
SR Apex speaker cables (double run - made huge difference)
Canary M500 amps w/ Sophia 300B tubes
SR Apex interconnects
Laufer Teknik Memory Player
Jolida Envoy w/ Underwood mods
SR Tricon phono cable
Nakamichi Dragon CT turntable

Thanks for your thoughts.
Have you considered the Parasound JC-3+?
I have the JC-3 and love it. The plus version is apparently better and it's only around $3K. Rave reviews all around on the JC-3.
The Emia is 6K, and worth a listen.
No question. Herron VTPH-2. Should be an excellent match. No need to upgrade after the VTPH-2.
I've recently went from BMC MCCI which is a great phono by itself to a NVO SPA 2 SE and it is one hell of a phono stage.
Generates quiet a bit of heat but just out of the box it's a world class unit and it keeps getting better by the day.
Another to add to the list is the Nagra VPS - I've loved mine for years now...
Unfortunately, these threads (asking for phono stage recommendations from a list posted by the OP) generally lead off into nowhere, as responders tend to suggest some other phono stage not on the original list, which only complicates matters. My only thought is that your own list is very eclectic. Can you say more about what you are looking for, how you arrived at your list of choices, etc? For example, it would seem you need a hi-gain phono to accommodate the ZYX Uni. Thus some choices are disqualified for lack of gain, unless you want also to use a SUT. There's not going to be a lot of people who have experienced more than one or two on your list.
I just remembered that I may have one useful bit of info to contribute. I have heard the Coincident Statement and then the EMIA (mentioned by Mosin above) consecutively in the same system, at my neighbor's house. I am quite familiar with his system. Both he and I think the EMIA outperformed the Coincident, in that system (Coincident Pure Reference speakers driven by Atma-sphere amplifiers, Slagle passive linestage). But the Coincident phono is very good, too. Both the EMIA and the Coincident Statement would require a SUT in order to increase overall gain for your ZYZ. In the case of the EMIA, which is a Dave Slagle product, you would get a Dave Slagle SUT as well.
I second the Herron VTPH-2.
It would be pretty hard to screw up with the Aesthetix. It should better your current phono preamp substantially, and in every possible way.
I have used my ZYX U11 with both a RCM and Amazon phono pre's that I bought from Mehran at Sorasound. Both are a great match with the rcm being more dynamic and faster, the amazon relaxed and detailed.
Viva Fono ~$6k from Europe (60 dB gain may not be enough in my system)
An important point to keep in mind is that phono stage noise levels don't always correlate well with the gains they provide.

Assuming the Underwood mods that were performed on your Jolida Envoy preamp did not change the gain of its line stage from the stock values, one of its two outputs provides a line stage gain of 20 db (with the volume control at max). A phono stage gain of 60 db will raise the 0.24 mv rated output of the ZYX cartridge to 0.24 volts, and a 20 db line stage gain will raise that to 2.4 volts. And the peak levels on some recordings will exceed the standard test conditions under which that 0.24 mv is measured by a factor of several times, which would increase the 2.4 volts correspondingly. And your power amp is specified as being driven to full power by an input of only 0.75 volts.

So 60 db of phono stage gain will be suitable relative to the gain and sensitivity structure of your system, PROVIDED that the noise performance of the phono stage is adequate. Which may or may not be the case EVEN IF the gain of a particular phono stage were significantly higher.

I'll mention also, however, that I would not draw any conclusions at all from signal-to-noise specs that may be published for particular phono stages, which tend to be defined inconsistently among various manufacturers, or not defined at all. Experiences individuals may report using specific phono stages with cartridges providing similar output levels can be expected to be much more useful.

-- Al
Well, I can tell you that I have heard two ZYX low output carts (Universe and Airy 2) into Nick Doshi's Alaap phono stages. Not most current version but when compared to Aesthetix Rhea (not Io), Manley Steelhead v.1, VAC Ren internal phono and ZYX Artisan, the Doshi was clearly the best, but the ZYX Artisan and the VAC were not at all embarrassed. There is a used recertified Doshi stand alone phono stage for sale right now in your price range ( At this level of quality it's most likely personal preference that rules, but to my ears, you cannot go wrong with the Doshi. There is also an Io for sale right now that I think is in your price range. I've never heard one.
Lewm, I am looking at a high gain (>70dB) as to sufficiently record into the Memory Player. Also, I tried to select some preamps that were available and seemed highly recommended, with the Canary being the exception as I own Canary amps.

You are also right that there are many recommendations outside my selection. Not sure how to qualify. Which is why I am leaning towards the IO.
There is an Allnic H3000 for sale here at a little above your price range that might be worth a look. Best of luck.
+1 on the Nagra VPS which I own and like very much. There is a used on for sale right now on the Gon that is close to your budget limit.

Another excellent choice would be one of the battery-powered offerings from Sutherland.

Good Luck!
The Viva Fono at $6k is a pretty good bargain, considering that it lists for $16k euros. I own that phono stage and I like it very much. I have replaced the stock 12AX7 with Telefunken ECC803S tubes. In the past, I have used it with the .30mv Transfiguration Orpheus L feeding into a linestage with 18 db of gain with no problem. With my current linestage which has less gain (gain unknown) I have no problem either.

You probably have enough gain for a .24mv cartridge, provided you crank the volume a bit. This is a dead quiet phonostage so you can push the volume up without a noise issue. It is also a really terrific sounding phonostage.

I have heard an Aesthetix IO that was a bit noisy sounding, but, not to the point that I thought that noise was a big issue. It might well be the case that different/replacement tubes would lower the noise level. I only note that trying to provide a whole lot of gains going with active, tube amplification is more challenging, when it comes to noise, than providing some of the voltage gain via a step up transformer, which is what the Viva fono does.

One more thing to note. It is NOT easy to change the loading on a Viva Fono. That is done by soldering in a different set of resistors found at the input jack (this means primary side loading). The good news is that this phonostage is NOT particularly sensitive to loading changes with either the Lyra Titan or Orpheus L cartridge that I use. I hope that would be the case with the ZYX as well.