Need Recommendations on a CD Player

About 10 years ago I purchased a Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CD player. Unfortunately, it has developed a problem of emitting static through the 2-channel speakers on startup. The good news is that by cycling the power off & on, the static disappears & all is well. However, I am skeptical that the cost of repair might not make sense considering the price of a new unit.

That being said, I would appreciate some recommendations on a quality single-disc player. The thing that I have been questioning is whether I really need to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,200 (U.S.) as I did for the Cambridge Audio player. I have a very good audio system, so I don't want the CD player to be unable to jeopardize the sound quality of everything "downstream". I guess that I am trying to find a balance between cost & quality.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations or considerations. It's much appreciated.

That's still the best sounding single disc player I've ever heard for under $2k.
what did Cambridge tell you about the cost of repair?

otherwise, get another one or an Oppo
I would talk to Cambridge before you move on.

That being said, I had an 840C for at least five years and I fully expected it to best the Oppo 105 I bought about five years ago. But for me, the Oppo is significantly better across the board. I sold the 840C years ago and don't miss it one bit. YMMV of course.
Send it in for repair estimate.  Most diagnose for anywhere from $50.00 to $75.00 and then weigh out the cost of repairs against buying something else.

How about a good (UHD) Bluray player? Connect your TV to your stereo as well, and you can see the opera you are listening to, and will have great TV sound in the bargain.
Thank you for the responses. Diagnostic cost to the company's repair facility is $65 + shipping. That is my game plan at this time. However, if repair cost is prohibitive, I wanted to have a back-up plan.
Do yourself a favor and grab one of these.

I own the older C542 and it is the best sounding player(to me) I have ever owned and that is in comparison to CA 840C, a legendary Denon DCD-3520, and an Oppo BDP-105, just to name a few.  IMO the C542 is special with fast and punchy bass/midbass, and great detail all the way up.  Supposedly the C545BEE and newer C546BEE took the things that the C542 did right and made things even better.

To answer your question about whether you have to spend $1200.00 to get similar o better performance than your 840C, I say no you don't.

"Cambridge Audio Azur 851C if you can strech your budget."
I agree here if you don't mind spending a bit more $$$.  The 851C is an improvement over the 840C.


you might try a Cambridge CXC transport, you can find them for under $300 here, and play with various DAC's. While excellent, the 851C sounds quite different than the 840C...
Oppo BDP 105 or the new 205! Hopefully you have speakers and electronics that can hang with this source. Highly attractive at that price point (class A rated too by Stereophile). Has XLR or RCA analog outs, and many many other useful connections for video and audio, like the ability to add a streamer via its USB audio input. A machine that has so far stood the test of time as there are very little in the way of neg reviews of this unit. Also, It can be modded and made even better though that is $2500 expense.

Matt M P.S. I want one...LOL
Here is a very inexpensive alternative to the excellent options already mentioned by others herein this thread. If you consider value and performance, this will be difficult to best. Emotiva ERC-3. Even more recommended if your disks are "finicky" to read off of.
What do you like most about the Emotiva ERC-3 compared to others and what have you compared it to.
What do you like most about the Emotiva ERC-3 compared to others and what have you compared it to.

First, I assume your questions is directed to me. Whether that is true or not, please allow me to provide an answer. In addition to its low cost and high quality (both of which are my opinion and subjective), I believe it offers better "value" than any competitor (if just redbook CD playback/transport is the objective).

Watch and listen to this:

Then, do some Internet searches and read what owners have to say. Frankly, I've had so many other players (none costing more than $2500) in my day that it doesn't interest me to discuss comparisons.