Need Recommendations for System

Currently using Pioneer Elite 49tx with Studio 100 Paradigm speakers in the front with paradigm on the center and sides as well. My 49tx has trouble driving these speakers and will shut off during movies in high impact areas.

I would like to try separates but am a rookie here and am looking for recommendations: Music 40%, Movies 60%

My budget is around $4500. Any suggestions, I was looking at the B&K 50 series 2 and also the Rotel 1068/1095 but would really like some advice.
Amps: The ATI-2505, Rotel RMB-1095, EAD Powermaster 1000 would be good to look at used. I have the ATI-2505 and I love it. They would all drive your speakers with ease.

If you do not have a sub yet, I would recommend getting a sub before a preamp. The Earthquake MKV-15 gets good reviews and is fairly inexpensive, especially on Audiogon. A sub takes some of the load off your main speakers & amp.

I would stop there and see how it sounds (using your receiver as a preamp). I do that currently w/my Denon receiver and the sound is good. Then determine if you still need to upgrade the preamp.

Preamps: Anthem (AVM20/30/40 & Statement D1), Rotel (RSP-1098), B&K (Reference 50) and EAD are good value for money.

Email me with any questions.
Good luck.
B&K is good. Even their receivers will work. They have tested them up against the Asian gear and they run out of gas when all channels are driving hard. Re-sale is not that great, but you can pick up used cheap.

Rotel is also good and I would add Anthem to your list. Anthem is part of Paradigm, so there wil be good synergy there with your speakers.

One nice thing about Rotel is that later you can add DVD, Tuner and even Power line conditioning unit from Rotel/APC. Your whole stack of gear will match.

There is no bad choice here. All are better than your Pioneer.
Perhaps add a second hand Classe amplifier to the possibilities.
My friend has the reference line of speakers and uses Belcanto Digitital 1000 monos with good results, can pretty much drive the %^&* out of them