need recommendations for standmount speakers

Hi guys.

I’m looking for new standmount speakers. Budget is up to 3k but can stretch if needed. 

My current setup in my small bedroom (about 3x3m size) is as follows:

Cambridge Audio cxn v2
Benchmark dac3b
Benchmark hpa4
Benchmark ahb2
B&W 606 on b&w stav 24 stands
Rel t7i

Music is from tidal/roon and I have done REW on this setup. Somehow feels like something is missing.. I can’t pinpoint what exactly, but perhaps lacking some weight in the mids..

I’ve tried the Buchardt S400 for a month before eventually returning them. Although very good speakers, I felt they lacked a bit of high end sparkle. I preferred the top end of the b&w.

Unfortunately, I can’t have the speakers more than 20 cm from the back wall. They’re about 5 feet apart.

Any recommendations for new speakers? I was considering the B&W 705 s2, Dynaudio Special 40 and Focal Aria 906. Home demo is pretty hard to arrange where I’m at.
How do you quote people/replies on this forum?? 

Thanks again, everyone, for taking the time to reply. I see Raal ribbons are quite popular. 

The ascend acoustics Sierra 2ex look nice and I've googled and read some reviews. Not sure if I can source or even audition them locally.. Will see if they have a distributor here in Singapore.

I've also actually tried emailing Tekton as I'm looking at their double impact full towers to replace my lounge set Dali Ikon 6 mk2 I think they're due for an upgrade.. But unfortunately they have not replied me.

Have auditioned the Klipsch 600m and I actually prefer my 606 and the Buchardt S400 over the 600m.

Will Google Selah.. I've not heard of them till now.

I've heard the dynaudio s40, excite, evoke and they sounded great in the showroom but they were well spaced out and far from the back wall. There was one dynaudio (can't remember which model) I auditioned which was close to the back wall and the sound was a bit of a mess, muddy and congested.

For Selah Audio , go over to AudioCircle .
You can never go wrong with a pair of Watkins Stereo Gen 4s, amazing sounds quality out of a small speaker. 

How do you quote people/replies on this forum??

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Paradigm Prestige 15Bs are outstanding, and $1600/pair. I'd give them a listen. I haven't heard better for less than $6500.