Need recommendations for floor spike protectors

I have Revel Ultima Studio 2s and am looking for some floor spike protectors that fit well and dont break the bank.  Any suggestions out there?  

You could just buy a set of spikes from below and use the bases:

I have seen others take a quarter and just drill a very slight indentation.

The Herbies Labs gliders do it for me, I was just going to use them to help me slide my 200 pound speakers around to find their sweet spots and then pull them out in favor of the spikes, the difference was very noticeable in favor of the gliders and their available in three different metals for different sonic signatures. Mine are the brass/cheapest of the three.
Agree w/tooblue
I'd ask Revel.  You have a very competent high-end co. making your speakers and they ought to know best.

If they don't want to name names, then ask what the characteristics are that you should look for.
+2 for Herbies. Though Randy has a good point. It's always best to contact the manufacturer directly.
3+ for herbies,  my best tweek ever . Herbie's decoupling gliders vs spikes alone...

Thanks for the great post ghosthouse .
 If "herbie" says its so , it is so.
His advice is good as gold .