Need recommendations for an alternative to Ayon Crossfire integrated

Hi, all of your recommendations would be appreciated. I am looking for an SET with the equivalent or great watts than the Crossfire.  Looking in the 10K range.  Speakers are Tekton Ulfberhts 99db sensitivity.  

Best regards, Bob
Line Magnetic maybe your best bet.
The LM-212PA monoblocks are 32wpc. It uses a 300b as a driver for a 212 tube.
They also make the LM-805IA integrated which is 48wpc and uses the 805 tube.

heh Bob, any dealers within driving distance that you can visit?

Regarding the Line Magnetic LM-805ia that was mentioned above, as a point of information I believe it is the same amp that is known as the LM-508ia. Perhaps the model designation that is used depends on the country the amp is supplied to, or the AC voltage it is set up to operate with.

I have no experience with Line Magnetic products, but as a search of past threads here will show that amp is owned and/or has been favorably commented on by some members here who are particularly well respected.  Some of whom also use Tekton speakers.

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-- Al

Why not send teajay a private message?  He has extensive knowledge of Tekton and SET amps.
You may want to consider the Viva Solistino amp, it is a 18W SET, obviously it's less power then the Ayon, but  it is a sweet sounding amp. 
@almarg I may have fubarred the name of the line magnetic, mea culpa! 
Something from Finale might do the trick:

And there's Decware:

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I don't own Tektons but have Daedalus Argos V2s which are 97.5 db and a relatively flat 6 ohm impedance. One of the amps I use driving them is a Line Magnetic 518IA integrated 22 wpc Set . It has plenty of power driving these speakers loud in a 28x20x10 room without going past 10 o'clock. As mentioned above the Line Magnetic 508 IA is another option with even more Set watts 48wpc, and some members who have had both prefer the sound of 508 IA. If you have a potential interest the US importer is Tone Imports and Jonathan returns emails pretty quickly responding to questions including dealer info; he is also very easy to deal with in my experience.
I will also add this to support nonoise's recommendation of possible checking out Finale Audio. I also swap in their 7189 MK2 integrated (22 wpc) EL 84M or 7189 tubes to drive the Argos. Different sound obviously then the 845 based LM 518IA, but again easily drive the Argos. Frank at Finale Audio is also very easy to communicate with and easy to deal with
@JCarcopo, no, you didn’t fubar anything :-)

Line Magnetic LM-805ia:

Line Magnetic LM-508ia:

Sure looks to me like both model numbers are the same amp :-)

Best regards
-- Al
Just from memory, LM 518 utilized 845 tubes and was rated at 24 watts. The LM 508 which I previously owned utilized 805 tubes and rated at 48 watts. 

Users from other forums who had the 518, preferred the 508 which has better control and slam over the 24 watt unit.

+1 on @mboldda1  's MastersounD recommendation.

Many other solid suggestions.

One that doesn't get much press is Germany's Lyric Audio Ti 200 integrated. It is a Parallel SE unit. List is above your stated budget, but I believe it can be acquired for right around it. It allows for EL34 / KT88 / KT120 / KT150 (and variants), which means you can fine tune it to your specific needs, power and otherwise.

All the best with your search and choices.
+ Finale Audio, 

they make some very nice sounding equipment. not as bling as Ayon but better parts under the hood. I also agree Frank is very good to deal with. I really like the upgrades available as well. 

I run one of their 8wpc F3008 fxx 300b SET on my 94db Living Voice speakers. but I'd look at their Parallel SET amps with a little more power as you said you liked to play lauder then I can in a condo. 
This is what I posted in your other thread these are really solidly built amps. You might want to look into this amp instead CAD-805RS Amplifier it is by Cary Audio Designs, you can get a pair of these amps for as low as 12Kand you can buy them direct from Cary Audio, no middleman.
If you are near Knoxville Tn. there is an add here on agon for a new pair of the CAD 805RS amps for $10,500.00
Cary Audio CAD 805RS Tube Amplifier MONO Blocks Pair BRAND NEW | Tube | Concord, Tennessee 37922 | Audiogon