Need Recommendations for Amp/Pre or Integrated

Just to let everyone know Iam very new to this forum and any
help would be great. I have read just about every post for the last two months to help me learn more about two channel audio in general. I currently have a small home theater set-up of some Def. Techs but Iam attempting to assemble a Two- channel setup for my living room(14x25x8). I just purchased a pair of used Tyler Acoustic Ref. Monitors and stands for 1450.00. Just let me say that Ty provides true customer service. Iam looking for a Amp/Pre or Intergrated in the 2000.00 range used or new. I have been considering a new Odyssey Stratos Amp and a used Rogue Audio 66 pre. Any suggestions would be very helpfull.

Jim, while I haven't heard the Stratos, it seems to be very well regarded. In an integrated, the Plinius 8200 is an excellent choice. If you want separates, I'd have to recommend the new PS Audio HCA-2 power amp as a strong candidate. I bought one new from the Stereo Trading Outlet for $1400 recently. PS Audio's website has a lot of information about this amp and I have found their product description to be accurate. It is a stunning value that changed my idea of what was possible at this price. Paired with something like an Adcom GTP-750, Rogue 66, or similar high quality/value product purchased used, you could have extremely fine sound for around your 2k. price point.
I had a pair of Tyler Accoustic Ref. Monitors. These speakers did not sound good (no air, felt as if there were layers or filters on the sound) with my tube gear (Graaf GM20 OTL amp, Graaf 13.5B preamp, Copland 289 HDCD, FMS cables). In comparison, my 15-year old ProAc studio-2s sounded many times superior. To be fair the Studio-2 are (24-H X 11-W X 12-D), quite a bit larger than these.
I owned the Tylers and have a Rogue 99 Magnum. The Tylers have many strengths but bass is not one of them, for this reason I would stick to SS. I highly recommend a Arcam A-85 Integrated for the Tylers. Try to audition one, you will be very pleased.
I use to own a Odyssey Stratos amp paired with a Rogue 66 and was very happy until the upgrade bug hit me. You might also want to consider the Rogue Tempest integrated amp which has been praised here and on audioasylum. The customer service from Rogue is outstanding and can answer any questions that you may have. I believe that member Buckingham is using a Tempest, so you might want to drop him a line or do a search under Rogue (look for "Rogue owners unite" thread).
I really enjoy my Tyler Ref Monitors but chime in that they are bass shy. Plenty of current helps out a bit - Bryston 4B-ST amp (mated with a Rogue 66) does it for me.
Hey everyone thanks for your input but now I feel that I may have made a mistake on the Tyler Ref. purchase. I guess I will listen and judge for myself. Since I dont live very close to a large metro. city it's very hard to audition different equipmemt so does this mean I purchase used amps/pre/integrated until I find something I like that way I can sell it and not take such a big hit in cost? Should I
use all ss equipment or would a tube pre be ok?

You will have to listen to the Tylers to determine if "you made a mistake" although if you end up feeling the bass isn't low enough for you you can always add in a sub. The Tylers have great imaging and offer a smooth but accurate presentation. A good powerful SS amp (a tube pre might be nice depending on the SS amp chosen) might be in order if you like higher dB's... And if home auditions are not readily available you might inquire with Ty as to his knowledge on his customer's amplification choices and then search out used units at this site.
That would be worst mistake on 'someone else' deciding your speaker, or that matter ANY purchase. You asked for amplification for YOUR speakers, and not the critique of your purchase. I agree with Rgd, research and learn.
Try to listen to the YBA Integre DT with your monitors. With a good power cord and a sub this might be a good combination. Or might not depending on your ears.