Need recommendations for a new pre-amp (SS) to possibly replace my Conrad Johnson

I have Conrad Johnson PV-14L SE pre-amp/ line stage issued in 2004.  I am considering possibly replacing it with something better, that is, improved imaging, sound staging  and overall greater resolution

I recently acquired a P.S. Audio Stellar S-300.amp which is very good, but I need to listen to it more, ( it can sound a bit edgy)  I almost bought the Schmit Vidar amp, but like that S-300 has more power

Nor necessarily dissatisfied with the C.J. pre-amp, but want explore what is out there that is newer and possibly. better sounding..  N.B. Do not want a cuckoo clock pre-amp decked out with streaming or Bluetooth processors or a built-in DAC.

Must have a very good remote with smooth volume control, and possibly balance control.

Will buy used to stretch my dollars

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Thank you to those members  who responded  so far


To Erik Squires The PV14LS  SE  is the upgraded model which I purchased.  The upgrades by the previous owner cost, at the time, about $500-$600.

BTW, I just purchased a used P.S.Audio Stellar S300 amp to use with the C.J. pre-amp.  It has great dynamics and slam, but so far I am disappointed with imaging and soundstage.  I don't know how many hours is on the amp. It was purchased from Music Direct via an Audiogon sale ad 

I previously posted two threads on AG asking about Schiit Vidar amp, but received no replies. The second thread asked about the Nuprime ST-10 and the Channel Island C100 amp and also the CS200C ( which I would have preferred)), but received no feedback  Choices were based on size and performance. I'll have to wait to see if I warm to the Stellar 300S




The S-300 needs to be left powered on all the time to achieve optimal performance from it.  Still even under those conditions that thin somewhat edgy sound is typical from the the generation of ICE modules used in that amp as they are from quite a while ago.  I owned a pair of W4S mAmps with modules from the same generation and they sounded similar to what you describe.  Never heard Dusty's Channel Island amps but I do own a Nuprime ST-10 and it sounds nothing like the S-300.  Much more refined amp in every way.  For a SS preamp that meets your stated requirements look at the Van Alstine Vision SLR.

  To  :jackd:  

Thank you for the reply; I seriously considered the NuPrime ST-10 and actually put a "wanted" ad on U.S.Audio Mart, but received no replies  I also checked Audiogon almost every day for one...No dice. So after months with music, I decided to buy the S-300. 

I may inquire with .on-line dealers about a trade-in toward  an ST-10.  To its credit,, the S-300 has great dynamics and tight  bass; but, the sound gets less somewhat tangled with less resolution, and as I said before, becomes edgy   Fortunately, I got a good deal on the S-300 which though used looks mint.