Need recommendations for a new pre-amp (SS) to possibly replace my Conrad Johnson

I have Conrad Johnson PV-14L SE pre-amp/ line stage issued in 2004.  I am considering possibly replacing it with something better, that is, improved imaging, sound staging  and overall greater resolution

I recently acquired a P.S. Audio Stellar S-300.amp which is very good, but I need to listen to it more, ( it can sound a bit edgy)  I almost bought the Schmit Vidar amp, but like that S-300 has more power

Nor necessarily dissatisfied with the C.J. pre-amp, but want explore what is out there that is newer and possibly. better sounding..  N.B. Do not want a cuckoo clock pre-amp decked out with streaming or Bluetooth processors or a built-in DAC.

Must have a very good remote with smooth volume control, and possibly balance control.

Will buy used to stretch my dollars

Thank you,


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Luxman CL-38uC  or an Aesthetix Calypso

The Luxman also has a phono stage and tone controls in addition to balance and remote control for volume.

The Aesthetix will be easier to find used and likely at a lower price. It has balance and remote control of both volume and balance
there is a guy on here, fabuechner was selling a conrad Johnson ls 18 for a good price.  that way you can still retain that cj sound......
Hmmmmm, not sure if this is going to be good advice or not, but I really liked the CJ PV series, and as I recall had a single series cap on the outputs.

Those contributed a lot to their sound, and upgrading them can be beneficial, but it has to be a labor of love as I don’t think you will recoup the cost.  Perhaps a middle of the road approach is to use something like an Audyn TruCopper 0.1 bypass cap on each. Inexpensive, easy to reverse.