Need recommendation similar to my Black Cat Cables

Hi Guys,

I have and love my Black Cat Graceline Level 1 speaker cable and interconnect. Only issue is it's a bit too short and with Chris passing away last month there is no way to have a longer one made. It is 3M long and I really need at least 4M.

Has anyone ever compared any cables to this one and have a recommendation on something similar I can purchase in the length I need?


Low cost, high value solution.   No need to add terminations as the strands are tinned to minimize oxidation.  I use this cable in both of my systems and it replaced significantly higher cost options.  Needs a good 200 hours to break in... so be patient.

IF you can get a longer run from Black Cat ( maybe from whomever is taking over for Chris) that would be the #1 choice. Failing that, I think the cables from Dave Cahoon..Zenwave, are truly up there with Chris’s designs. Look here:


If I was looking for a Black Cat substitute given my experience with his Stereovox cables, I’d look to Synergistic among the major brands. However, I’ve more recently discovered LavriCables that I think offer a lot of what Chris was shooting for and, frankly, may improve upon it but also offer the value and relatively lower pricing of Black Cat. That’s where I’d look first.  RIP Chris.  You are sorely missed!