Need Recommendation of PC speakers

Just got iTunes and iPod and immediately found I needed better PC speakers. Listen to Classical and Jazz mostly.
Interested in a speaker system with good dynamic range and clarity for around $200-300
You can consider Acoustic Energy Aego M. Nice speakers.
Swan M200s:

For classical and jazz they would be hard to beat; from 100 hz up they're terrific. If you're a rocker or a gamer, they don't have the deep bass. I'm thinking of buying a pair for my bedroom system.
My solution was to use a pair of powered monitors (Tannoy Reveal 5a.) They're not too big for my desk, but might be for yours. The sound is incredible for the price (also you can add a sub later.) They're $500 new at sweetwater right now

so i'm assuming you can get a pair used in your price range. The imaging is silly good when i'm sitting at my desk working on the computer...vocals are dead center. Nearfield listening gets rid of so many problems that great sound becomes very affordable.

The Reveals take a long time to break in.
I really enjoy things that are, uh, a little different. For different in computer speakers, look no further than the actively tube amplified TAD-102 speakers from BizzyBee Audio. They originally sold for $799, but he has some closeouts for $99/pr. These may have a slight defect, but Paul will replace any defective units, so you will get a great sounding el84 tube amplified speaker for about $100. Check the closeout section at .


I'll second the TADs - get some NOS tubes and you'll enjoy them. Not petite though

OR check the Klipsch site for their refurbished stuff - got a great rig for under $100
Another vote here for Swans M200. Hard to beat at the price or even higher.
I'm using a small pair of bookshelf speakers and some el84 monos.

John C.
They are wonderful for classical, new age, and jazz. Way beyond my expectations.
Uh, what are wonderful? What did you get?
I second the Aego M speakers. Satellites are small but produce quite an expansive soundfield with decent imaging also. Better than a pair of Klipse it replaced.
You might also chek out these interesting little speakers:
Has anyone tried the tube integrated + speakers from Gini Systems designed with the iPOD in mind?...the Concertino?