Need recommendation for preamp/dac.

Hi Guys and Gals,

I am looking for guidance for a Preamp/DAC for my system which currently includes:

A pair of Canary 500 monoblocks (50 watts of 300B power, emission lab tubes)
A pair of JBL 4345's
A pair of JL Audio F113 Fathom subwoofers

My sources include:

DISH network VIP612DVR via Toslink and a MacBook Pro running Itunes through Audirvana through a Kenny HighFace SPDIF connection.

So at a minimum I need 2 pair RCA Outs and TOS, Coax in.

I have wrestled with several Preamp/dac combinations in the past and am entertaining a DAC with volume control, but one that's going to give me that holographic airy sound.

Welcome all ideas.

Thank you-steve
I can only give you generic advice, You sound like you want a tube pre amp. A quiet one at that. There are so many it really doesn't make sense to say only this or that one will do. You should find a dealer or dealers who have a few to get the particular voice each one has. I am afraid that is the best I can tell you. A trade show may help but I get overwhelmed at them.
Two that come to mind are Wyred 4sound dac2, and Waia121. I own the W4S use it as preamp and its awesome.
Two that come to mind are Wyred 4sound dac2, and Waia121. I own the W4S use it as preamp and its awesome.
an interesting choice would be the dspeaker antimode 2.0 dac with room correction usb and toslink inputs variable output might be able to test drive a new one
I'm using a Dspeaker Antimode Dual Core 2.0 as a preamp, dac, and room correction device. I run my 2.2 speaker system by using an XLR-RCA (DNM HFTN) cable for my 2 channel amp and the RCA Outs are run to my subs. The Dual Core has USB input for your MacBook and Optical input for your DVR. Remote volume and built in room correction also. There has been a lot of buzz around the Dual Core and some heavy hitter reviewers have given it very favorable reviews.
The Dual Core can also be run from a 12v linear or 12 battery power supply. I have mine on a 12v battery PS and have had a few friends comment that it sounds much better and more analog that way. The sound stage opens way up, music appears from a very dark background, and has more top end air.

Do a search and check out the reviews. :-)

Good luck,

You might look into the new NAD M51 DAC. I just recently moved to it from the W4S.

It offers a pure digital preamp section and a host of input options.

I tend to prefer a proper preamp, but if you are thinking DAC with pre, add it to the list.