Need recommendation for power amp under $250

I know it's a small budget round' these parts.

I'm looking for a power amp that is extremely natural and clean. I don't need much power as I am driving pretty efficient (90db) speakers, usually at modest listening levels.

I have a fairly good grasp on integrated amps, but power amps seem to have quite a few names I know nothing about.

So, I'm looking for something used under $250... sort of a 'best bang for my buck' thing.

Actually... scratch the Sonance. The one I was looking at was actually a sub amp.
Well, Sonance is cheap... but I'm assuming sub-par to the others we have mentioned?
Would Sonic Impact Class D amps be something you'd consider? There have been great reviews on them all over the web, and you can easily pick up a Gen II for around $150. Save the other $100 and pick up nice cables for it, or maybe do a little mod or two.
Thanks for the recommend.

This is a bit off topic, but... If I pick up an amp with independent volume controls, is there any need for a pre-amp if I only nave need for one input and a volume control... or is it better to set and leave the volume controls on the amp and use a pre-amp for regular level adjustments?

It just seems like in my case a pre-amp would be unnecessarily complicating the chain if I only need it for volume control...
Vintage is the way to go......Kenwood, Pioneer, H/K, Carver, Yammy, etc.