Need recommendation for cheap cable terminators

I just made a few diy speaker cables. I am looking for some cheap cable terminator either banana or spades.
Why not bare wire? Doesn't get any cheaper or better than that!
I used these on my diy speaker cables.

I agree with Thorman, the best connector is no connector.
Bare wire connections are prone to short circuit though.
Try Radio Shack. I know they have screw type bananas probably some sort of spades also. Best of all you can have them today.
Another vote for the bare wire. But if you are looking for some nice but inexpensive banana plugs try knukonceptz. search them on ebay or here. A decent heavy duty connector that won't break the bank.
I second Knukoncepts bananas. Their bananas are by far the best for the money I've tried. They have a store on ebay, though I checked and they don't have any bananas listed now. you may email and ask them.
If you need any connectors, just contact me. I have some spades that I don't use anymore. They are very nice, much better then the AQ premium spades. Just pay for shipping and I will give you enough to do a pair of cables. Ed