Need recommendation for CD transport (not Cambridge)

I’m trying out the Cambridge CXC transport, and so far, have not been happy with it.
It mistracks (skips) at the end of CDs (which I assume is just my unit, maybe it’s not a design flaw).
But, also, it’s not programmable and it interacts noisily with my Gungnir Multibit (Yes, I understand the Gungy is noisy by itself, but the pause control on the Cambridge exacerbates the problem.)
So, I’ll probably return the Cambridge if I can find another one, not too expensive with better features.
Any recommendations?
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I have a PS Audio PWT I bought preowned for $1200 a few years ago and it is solid and performs perfectly. It is a memory player and with the I2S interface through a Wyred 4 Sound DAC, I couldn't be happier.

HIghly recommended.
I had a CXC transport for a few months and never had a problem with it.  It never skipped or mistracked, even on some badly scratched cd's and the transport was dead silent.  I only sold it because my McIntosh integrated didn't have a built in dac, so I bought a McIntosh SACD player and sold the transport.
Forgot to mention, The Music Room bought out all the rest of PS Audios PWT transports and is selling them dirt cheap.  They have been totally refurbished from PS Audio come with all new accessories and a 1 year warranty.  I believe the prices are from under a grand to maybe 1100.
I believe my unit must be faulty, maybe not typical.

I checked the Music Room. no PS Audio transports.
Maybe I have the wrong site.
I think TMR is sold out, I bought one of the PS PWT mkll from them and it is excellent.  I also had the CXC with no problems, but like the PS more, though also 4X the price...the PS PWT mkII shows up used pretty regularly

You might be better off buying a decent CD player and just use your external DAC. Lot more options, new or used.
Cyrus CD t is great transport sold in the UK around 700 pounds.

I own the CXC for more than a year no issues at all works fine with my McIntosh dac yours must ba faulty. 

Thanks for your recommendation.  This may be exactly what I’m looking for.

I have the exact same combination.

The lack of direct track access irritates me.  The lack of different displays of time (overall, remaining) irritates me.  And the crazy clicking on pause certainly irritates me.

Not a hint of mistracking though.  The Gungnir will click with various transports, not just the Cambridge, depending on how they handle the digital signal when they are set on pause.

At the price point, there are precious few alternatives.  Audio Advisor steered me away from the Pro-ject model.  A more expensive used/discontinued model is probably the way to go.


Since I’m still in the trial period, I’m seriously considering returning the Cambridge and going with the Cyrus.
The Cambridge does produce excellent results, but the flaws you mention are hard to live with on a longtime basis. 
I don’t know if I want to spend three times the price for the Cyrus, though. How much  better will it sound on my system? And, it still might caterwaul on pause, one of my main concerns.
The mistracking on the Cambridge is very aggravating, even though I can probably get a new, properly functioning unit.

Still pondering!
Just found a demo model of the Cyrus transport on Analog Seduction for only a couple hundred dollars more than the Cambridge.  Was just about to buy it new, when i happened to see the bargain section.
Am returning the Cambridge.

Thanks for the recommendation. 
Audio Advisor wants $1599.00 for it.
Analogue Seduction a few hundred less, new.
Are you in the US or UK?
Here is an Esoteric DV-50S that is worth consideration for $1,500:

This unit has been professionally upgraded by the Upgrade Company (David Schulte).

twoleftears, what was the reason Audio Advisor gave for not getting the Pro Ject?

I have a Musical Fidelity M1 CDT transport, and I thought about getting the Pro Ject. 
The Musical Fidelity is a very good transport by the way.
Bel Canto makes a transport. $1500 retail I believe. I have not heard it, however.
@lordcloud The "advisor" wasn't specific, but you could tell he wasn't too enthusiastic about it.  I might have considered the Cyrus, but I'm irrationally prejudiced against slot-loading machines.  I don't remember if I considered the Bel Canto.
I didn’t realize it was a “ slot machine” until a couple of days ago.
Probably  wouldn’t have influenced my decision to buy anyway. The deal was too good.
I’ve read some very good reviews of ithe Cyrus on British sites.
Hopefully it plays at least as good as the Cambridge, which has great sound, but too many drawbacks.e

My Musical Fidelity is slot loaded. I haven't run into any big issues, beyond the occasional disc being in the machine but not loading. 

I'd prefer a top loader, but I don't mind the slot.
Just got the Cyrus transport.
At first hearing, it’s more detailed than the Cambridge and has better bass.
It’s a pleasure to be able to program a selection instead of creeping up to it.
And, blessedly, there is  no noise in the pause position, and no mistracking.
So far, a happy result.

Thanks, Itzhak, for the tip!
Happy that you found what you are looking for the Cyrus is definitely better than the Cambridge.

Thank you.  I’m very happy with it.
As a coda to this thread, there's a new, reasonably priced transport coming from NuPrime, CDT-8, available end of January.  It looks very promising.  Another entrant in a sparse field.

Don’t waste your money on an expensive transport. Instead buy a used or new OPPO blu-ray transport, any model, and reclock it with a $599 Synchro-Mesh reclocker. This will save you a bundle and give you the performance of a $10K transport: 20 psec jitter and galvanic isolation:

Jitter is the only thing that sets transports apart, and most don’t provide galvanic isolation of grounds to eliminate ground-loops. Independent power supply on the Master Clock of the Synchro-Mesh too, so you can improve on it even more with a LPS.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Thanks for the enlightened post audioengr , rare to learn something that important !
The Cambridge audio CXC cost less than Synchro-Mesh reclocker and has very low jitter.
the CXC with the synchro-mesh is awesome
Steve, will any of the Oppo's rip?  I'm looking for a solution that will play and rip but not a computer. 
I also had a CXC and it skipped out of the box. Returned for another new one. About two months into ownership and very light use it too began to skip. Crap unit.
I own the CXC for 2 years now.
Never a skip or click into a Yggdrasil.
Sound is very good!!
CXC  is tight so it clicks on lousy CD 's .
Yes same as mine the CXC tends to click on scratched CDs.I bought the Simaudio 260DT (due to arrive on July) hope it will handle better lousy CDs.

Oppo will not rip.  You can use any computer with dbpoweramp (PC) or XLD (Mac).

Steve N.

Empirical Audio


Good move! On your recommendation, I got the Cyrus and returned the CXC.
Too many problems with it.