Need recommendation for Amarra sQ Gain Fader

I noticed that when I play an Internet station (like Pandora) using Amarra sQ, I had to increase the volume on my integrated amplifier to get the same volume when I play without Amarra sQ.

I then discovered that I had to change the Gain Fader setting to 0.0. I still do not understand how my Gain Fader setting was set to a large minus number that required me to increase the volume on my integrated amplifier. Maybe it was a Amarra sQ default setting.

The Gain fader setting range is +6 to -60dB. What exactly is the Gain Fader setting and what is the recommended Gain Fader setting I should use?
Since there were no responses to my Amarra sQ question, I asked Sonic Studio. Their response was:

"We recommend having your device volume set to full and then use the Amarra sQ Gain slider to adjust overall volume. Amarra sQ initially launches at about -20dB to help protect against any damage as you will have your device system volume at full. Adjust the Amarra sQ Gain slider until you are seeing the meters just going into the yellow, or adjust to a volume that is comfortable for your listening pleasure".

I do not feel comfortable turning my volume control to full and controlling the volume via the Amarra sQ gain fader. I always turn my amplifier volume control to low and increase it as needed when playing music. This ensures me that I do not accidentally blow out my speakers.

Does any one have any comments?
I just recently started using sQ and find their volume control works quite well, but like you, I would not implement it in the way Sonic Studio recommends. No. Nada.
I agree I use my DAC as a pre amp - So far I am playing with the slider usually between -10 to -8