Need recommendation for a dark sound interconnects

I am interested to know which XLR interconnects, brand and model, have a tendency toward a dark sounding, or simply have a dark sound, that I believe need to use in my audio system between the preamplifier and the power amplifier in order to make the sound right. I know there are hundreds of brands and models of interconnects, but no manufacturer says that theirs sound dark or darker. If you have ever experienced such sounding interconnects XLR terminated, please let me know details. I have tried several interconnects lately, but all of them seemed to have a tendency for brightness as opposed to darkness. Right now I am using one pair of Discovery Signature XLR 1M interconnects, that partially helped. However, I would still want to try something different, with a dark sound. Thank you in advance, Emil - Hartford, CT
Hi Emil,

Your choice for darker sounding Cables are those made by either:

AudioQuest - Soundstrings - MIT - Transparent Audio - Phy - HP - Q - Audio Tao - Living Voice Potato.

And maybe to a lesser extreme almost anything from Monster Cable. As it should be know? that you only have 3 choice to begin with -

Dark - Neutral - or Bright Sounding Cables.

Xlo - Staightwire - YBA Diamond and Siltech are from the brigher side of neutral Cables.

Which - Harmonic Technolgy - Sonoran - Townshed Audio Isolda DCT 100 or DCT 300 ICs - along with certain Kimber Kables are considered Neutral.

It's nothing most then a matter of knowing which type with assist you in tuning your system and Music to your chosen perferences. Hence the logic behind the Cable Company. Which will allow to you to audition as many Cables as you want for a small deposit towards the purchase of whiechever one sounds the best within your system and to your ears.

I say contact them and give it a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Can't hurt. As I see it buy the best you can once and get it over with.

[Yet. Keep in mind that each and every time you change even one component in your system - you alter the sound as well.
Which means in most cases! Starting all over again.
Unless said components are indeed truly considered Neutral themselves?.]

I hope this little example offers you some insight to which way to go at least? as it's nothing more then a rough guide. Be well.

And simply trust in both your ears and heart to speak the truth in which moves you the most overall - The one that moves you emotional should be the one chosen over anything else.

- EL34EH
You could alter the sound by just changing the source or by changing the preamp. :-)
Cardas Quadlink 5C is very dark.
A used pair of Cardas Cross or Golden Cross. Nice and syrupy, very yin.
MIT,and definately Audioquest.AQ will really tone things down much.
What power filtration/regeneration to you have for your system? I think treating your source with a good powercord might work wonders, you can try less expensive first such as Signal Cable or Ernie's (subaruguru), or go for "dark" power cable such as Cardas
Purist Audio Museaus is a very nice cable that I feel leans toward "the dark side".

Cardas Golden Cross.
With all due respectÂ… a dark sounding cable sounds as if you wish to attenuate a problem with your system. If a group of components are performing in a good synergy there should only be need of a neutral interconnect IMHO. (I can hear the incoming fallout on this one!) Have you looked at the possibility of a problem with your source component or a possible bad match with power amplifiers and speakers? LOL
When interconnects become "tone controls" it's time to look deeper into your system for the problem. I suspect you need more than "dark sounding" cables. Good luck.
Maybe the problem he's trying to fix with his system is that his cables are too bright. As I mentioned in another thread, my entire system went from bright to right (and a bit dark) by putting Purist Audio Musaeus's between my amp and pre.

The Musaeus's don't do it by an artificial bump in the lower mids like some Cardas's do, but keep their integrity across the frequency range. Can't do better for the price IMO, or even a few steps up in price.
I would try Monster Sigma Retro Gold XLR's. They were apparently designed to smooth out overly bright systems.