Need recommendation for a center channel... BIC???

I have an Harman Kardon AVR75... with kef 104.2 and a pair of wharfedale 7.2 diamond. i'm looking for a center to complete my home theater system. i can't afford to have a sub because i'm living in an apartment. I was looking for a wharfedale diamond 8 center on ebay for under 100$ or for a kef 100 center, i know that the kef center is better but it's harder to find and much expensive like the best price that i saw is 150$ and it was sold . also i would like to have tips about what brand of speaker cable to use with all of my speaker especially my kef. remember that i'm a student and for the cable only for my kef i look to pay around 80-100$. i know, i red the post about matching the center with the same brand of your fronts. A guy proposed to me the bic dv62clr. I searched on the web to see that they is some Bic dv62clr modified by a certain efe, i think, someone have a comment about that.
sorry for my english.

thanks for your help.

I use an Ed Frias modded DV62 as a center. It is awesome. Cyrstal clear a full sounding. Get it. Strangly enough my wife and I were watching a movie and both commented on how great it sounded. To my surprise, after the movie, I realized that the main fronts were not even hooked up!

how about a kef Q95C instead of the kef 100C. Will it be a good match? Any toughts about matching a bic center with my 104.2?