Need recommendation

Hello all, I'm finally in a position invest in a nice HT and audio system.  My experience is very limited so any help and guidance would greatly be appreciated.  My listening area is your typical open concept space that houses the kitchen, dining area and living room; its a rectangle about 35'x25', with 10' ceilings, hardwood flooring with three area carpets.  I've had a chance to listen to the Martin Logan classic on the Arcam 550 and prefer warmth and big soundstage over the B&W D3.  For me the Logans have a fuller sound, with more clarity and a more musical character to them.  I would like your thoughts on this set up and wonder if I can do better with the given budget.  My preference is music first and then HT second.  Thank you.
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between the 2 I'd also go ML

but also check out the Maggies - they were allowing an in home test of the 1.7i's 

I have the 3.7i's and am very happy with them

room tmts. and maybe a measurement mic & REW software will be well worth the $90 cost

you also want to buy the Master Handbook of Acoustics for an understanding of room effects 

what IS that budget?
Greetings. Budget is 10-15l
What components does your budget cover? Just the speakers? 
My plan is to get the AV processor/amplifier first to use with my Kef 5.1 and get the speakers later. 
Would it be worth it to get the McIntosh MX 121 or 122 over the highly rated Marantz 8802?  I figure as long as I pair it with a quality power amp I can't go wrong with either.  But is it worth the huge price difference?  
I'm also open to purchasing used products so if anyone could point out items on this forum that would be helpful. I'm hoping with a budget of 10-15k I could get a great deal. Thanks all and happy listening. 
I have a pair of mint Wilson Audio Duette 2's for sale on Audiogon that are super musical and work in any size room.  My two channel room was way larger than yours and the soundstage was great.  They are listed for $10.4K  retail $22.9K.