Need recomendations for Preamp

Good morning fellas, I’ve been on the search for a while to find a phono preamp to put between my dual 1242 TT that has been restored, and my Outlaw Audio RR2160 receiver, feeding into Klipsch RP-160M speakers.

Ive looking for a tube preamp @ $500 or less.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
what signal strength will you be starting with? future considerations?

I use MM (moving magnet) cartridges, to get high output signal, 3.5mV, ... some cartridges as high as 5.0mV. they need phono eq and pre-amp to amp.

MC (moving coil) produce much lower signal strength, they need pre-pre amp, phono eq, and pre-amp to amp. 

MC are loved by many, I stay away from them.
Im currently trying to figure that out at the moment.
Also contemplating if I should upgrade cartridges.
At your budget, with your TT,  I would stick to MM cartridges. Also I believe there are not too many new tube phonostages under $500. Easier to find a quality SS one that provides desired gain without noise. 
thats good to hear, and thank you!
Discontinued but if you can find a Parks Audio Budgie you’ll be a very happy camper.
I should have added: What are you looking to improve over the phonostage in the Outlaw? What cartridge are you using now?
At your budget level, I'd suggest considering a Parks Puffin.  No tubes, but it's a great little unit.  If you're stuck on tubes, you might be able to find a used Jolida JD9 around your budget.