Need Recomendation for Acoustic Zen Adagio Speaker

Just bought a pair of AZ Adagio speakers. love them even before break in, here is my system and would appreciate what you think is upgrade to speaker cable without breaking the bank.

Rotel 9xx (acting as transport)
PS Audio Digital III Dac
Audio Research LS-8 Pre=amp
Odessey Stratos Amp

Kimber Kable Silver Streak Interconnects
Better Cables Speaker wire

so, thoughts on better speaker wire?
I think an obvious recommendation would be a speaker cable from Kimber. Considering the quality of your system and the level of your Kimber interconnects, I would suggest nothing less than 8TC, with Kimber Monocole being an even better choice. You may even want to consider an entry level Kimber Select speaker cable, used.

A second obvious recommendation would be one of Acoustic Zens own cables, which would I assume, would be an excellent match for your speakers.
Acoustic Zen Satori's are excellent.
Have used Alpha Core Goertz MI2 & MI3 with Adagio Jr.'s. with excellent results. I believe the Adagio's are wired internally with Acoustic Zen Hologram-which you may want to consider depending on budget.
what's your price range?
straley reality speaker cables and interconnects.
They are internally wired satori,ive beem using the hollowgram (spkr)and silver 2(ic).So many choices,feel no need to try anything else though.Would recomend ayre disk trk 4 for burn in.really gets surrounds movin...